The Best Filters To Remove Fluoride From Water

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The best way to remove fluoride from tap water is to use a filter containing Brimac (or bone char) —  these filters will consistently remove 90% of fluoride from water.

Probably the least expensive way to remove fluoride from water is to add raw bone char to the water. I purchased some myself from eBay from this vendor and it seems to be working (based on my taste tests only).

Another good option is use a Propur drip filter — these filters make use of AquaMetix — a new proprietary carbon-based filtration technology — these filters will remove 50% – 85% of fluoride.

The Details

Fluoride is difficult to remove from water. Filters by Brita and Pur use activated carbon for filtration which does not remove any fluoride. The filtration methods listed below are the only methods recommended by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and the WQA (Water Quality Association) for fluoride filtration.

You also absorb fluoride when showering and bathing. Unfortunately, there are no shower filters that will remove fluoride. But you can get a “whole house” filter for fluoride. A good vendor for “whole house” filters is Pure Effect Filters. Another option is to capture rainwater and use it instead of municipal water — see the book Rainwater Collection For the Mechanically Challenged for more information.

Why Remove Fluoride From Your Water?

Fluoride has long been known to be a very toxic substance. This is why, like arsenic, fluoride has been used in pesticides and rodenticides (to kill rats, insects, etc). It is also why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now requires that all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. carry a poison warning that instructs users to contact the poison control center if they swallow more than used for brushing.

Excessive fluoride exposure is well known to cause a painful bone disease (skeletal fluorosis), as well as a discoloration of the teeth known as dental fluorosis. Excessive fluoride exposure has also been linked to a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, dental fluorosis, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Water fluoridation is becoming increasing unpopular around the world, due to health concerns about overexposure to fluoride. Since 2010, over 70 communities have rejected the practice, including cities like Calgary, Alberta (pop. 1.3 million people) and Albuquerque, New Mexico (pop. 500,000) that have voted to end their longstanding fluoridation programs. Most recently, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that Israel must stop adding fluoride into public water supplies in one year, following a a decision on fluoride’s potential toxicity to humans by the Israeli health minister. Most developed nations in the world have rejected fluoridation, including 97% of western Europe. The United States, which fluoridates more than 70% of its water supplies, is an exception to this rule. According to the British Fluoridation Society, there are more people drinking artificially fluoridated water in the United States than all other countries combined.

See also this list of things you can do to avoid fluoride.

A Closer Look At The Filter Types

Bone Char Carbon Filters

Bone Char has been used for centuries to remove naturally occurring fluoride from water. Bone contains a porous matrix that is rich in surface ions. These can be readily replaced by fluoride and by some of the other contaminants that may be present with fluoride (heavy metals). When used alone, Bone Char Carbon filters can remove up to 90% of the fluoride in water. The efficiency of bone char can be improved by adding pre-filters to remove heavy metals and other contaminants before exposure to the bone char. These filters work best at a slightly acidic pH and may not work as well with hard water.

Brimac Filters

Brimac Filter For Fluoride Removal

Brimac is a high calcium bone char. To create, you take bovine or cow bones out of cold storage. The bones are thoroughly cleaned and put in sun and rain for at least 90 days and totally dried. They are then carbonized at 1472 degrees Fahrenheit in controlled conditions. The result is organic bone char made of 80% phosphate of calcium, 10% carbon and 10% calcium carbonate. The substance is organic, usually kosher certified, non-toxic. When used, it adds beneficial minerals to water. Bone char can remove chlorine, heavy metals and radioactive isotopes it addition to fluoride. Bone char is considered a more effective contaminate remover than coconut charcoal because it is hundreds of times more porous and contains calcium which attract the fluoride.

My Recommended Brimac Filter: Four Stage Countertop Fluoride Removal System by Promolife.


Countertop Water Distiller For Removing Fluoride

Distillation is capable of removing just about anything (except volatile compounds) from water. If you have a distiller, you can remove fluoride. However, distillation takes time and lost of electricity. Distillation makes water taste empty and lifeless. If you use distilled water you need to add minerals back into the water.

My recommended distiller: the Megahome Distiller, which costs about $200.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis Filter For Fluoride Removal

Reverse osmosis relies on pressure and a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. It can remove between 90 and 95% of fluoride (depending on the efficiency of the system and depending on how well the system is maintained). Contaminants are trapped by the membrane and flushed away in the waste water. The process requires between 2 and 4 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of clean water. Water with an abundance of contaminants (including hard water) can reduce the efficiency of an Reverse Osmosis system and it can shorten the life of the membrane.

Like distillation, reverse osmosis removes almost everything from water, and makes the water taste flat and empty.

My recommended filter is the iSpring 75GPD 5-Stage Filter, which costs about $170, plus any installation costs.

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  1. Maggie

    I want to get a water purifier that filters fluoride. However, the information highway re this is a sea of confusion. How do you start a class action movement to stop municipalities from fluoridating the water ……even if it is 4 mg (?) or whatever the EPA allows or “considered safe. (That’s like being only a “little bit pregnant”…… I had a solid carbon block filter by Multi-pure corporation for many years. At one time they offered a fluoride removal filter which was using activated aluminum…..but then discontinued it many years ago….saying the aluminum was unavailable or something….. Local Plumbing, Universal Plumbing gave some paper work…..AF SERIES – FLUORIDE REMOVAL…. but upon researching technical data….learned that construction materials included a scary list of: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polypropylene, Thermoplastic Elastomer , polyester. Is RO really the only choice? Confusing info on char bones, etc…… Getting exhausted lugging bottled water which no longer can be found made of glass. PLASTIC PLASTIC PLASTIC has invaded the whole planet…… What to do??????

  2. Bob Fadem

    I just read your article and I think you need to update your information. Brimac a Scottish company went out of business years ago. A mexican company bought the name and is now selling a far inferior product in the USA that has never been tested and does not work. There is zero NSF certified bone char carbon available in the USA at this moment according to all our sources. We have tested 4 brands of bone char available in the USA, at the request of the water quality association two years ago, the best of which was 24% effective with flowing water and 62% effective in static water after soaking for an hour. Bone char does not work, it is not effective or efficient. Please do not waste your money.

    Activated Alumina works if your pH is low, below 7.4 and above 6.2, it doesn’t work at all if the pH is over 8.0. Competing Anions are a huge problem because Fluoride is the least attractive Anion of all Anions, most medias will remove all the other Anions first before removing Fluoride. This means that after a few months the filter no longer works at all.

    There are claims made of a water filter taking 17ppm of Fluoride out of water and dropping it to .66 on this post, taking high levels of Fluoride out is actually fairly easy and there are ion exchange resins that do a great job at that for very little cost, but, the last 2ppm or less is generally very hard to remove. .7 ppm of Fluoride is the national standard. Zero Fluoride is my request.

    For drinking water a good reverse osmosis system does a great job and is consistent, distilled is perfect, we have found filtering systems (non ro) to be inconsistent. Zero Water systems are gravity feed membrane systems that work well for a pitcher. Berkey filters work well if the pH isn’t high and there aren’t competing Anions in the water, if there is the efficiency rate drops to about 50%.

    Those are the things I have tested. I have university study data to back up most if not all of these points.

    Worst of all, there is little to no data on hydrofluorosilicic acid and its effects on the body or how to remove it effectively. Just look for yourself at http://www.google.com/scholar and search. There is little to no information and yet it is being injected into your water.

    It is just sickening what people are selling as a solution. Call whomever is selling whatever you are thinking of buying and tell them, “I’m going to send a sample to National Testing Laboratory each month to track your filters effectiveness and I’ll report back to you!” I did this 5 years ago, and when I did every company I spoke with no longer wanted to do business with me, and closed my account. They know it doesn’t work.

    Fluoride can be removed but it is tricky.

    1. Post

      Sounds like you made some good points here. I may have to revise the article once I do some more research into this.

    2. E. Gress

      You said it could be removed but it is tricky. What do you recommend? I would like a whole house version. We currently use r/o but everyone is saying that is unhealthy also.

    3. Nan M

      Bob Fadem, thanks for your comments. Do you recommend a whole house water system in general? There isn’t a perfect one, it’s just daunting to find an acceptable system. I moved to a small coastal county town with terrible water. It’s soo hard, and the monthly line flushing leaves rust residue. I’ve been using a Nikken counter top, slimline SLC shower (which I still love) and Borax powder in each wash load. I really need a whole house system even though I live alone. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

      And thank you to Reactual / master, for this good information.

  3. Skylar Williams

    That would make sense that distilled water removes all of the minerals and thus the taste of it. I’m just trying to get rid of the fluoride, not the taste! I would imagine people using distilled water as an ingredient rather than just drinking it by itself.

  4. Lillian Lu

    Hi Master,

    I am vegan and after reading all your articles about water filter…..I went to look more in depth into Propur and decided to write them. Their response is that their filter is not vegan. I am guessing they still have the bone char in the filter. Do you have any suggestions for vegan water filter? Thank you so much and looking forward to your response.

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  6. Anonymous

    brad:Everything comes from the earth but if you tnink that makes it safe you dont know chemistry.

    From Duane

  7. Arielle Crawford

    How exactly do you filter water with raw bone char? Can you just add it to water or devise some sort of a filter?

  8. Timothy

    We’re a 10-year-old family-owned business that selects great products and sells online. We offer activated alumina or bone char (calcium-based carbon) for fluoride removal. See the test results (96%) for bone char: https://www.friendsofwater.com/certifications/fluoride-removal-test-results. (It’s a summary. If you want to see the original email us.) Also see that section of the website for other media test results too. Either media leaves a taste that many people don’t like. For that reason and because you want to filter out a lot more than fluoride, we follow the fluoride cartridge with a wide-spectrum, mixed-media cartridge that filters 600 contaminants.

    We have a shower filter that will filter the majority of chloramines. Read about the Foam Advantage to understand why it is able to do that. We’ve never found a better one. Cruise around our “Education” tab to learn more.

  9. Anonymous

    For those that state that the Europeans don’t use fluoride, you are wrong- they just add it to their salt as opposed to the water supply..

    1. lila

      There are 2 types of fluoride, calcium fluoride found naturally and the toxic poison synthetic man made version that is put into our water sodium fluoride. It would not be advisable to put sodium fluoride onto something you were going to ingest.

  10. pasqual.dorje


    Did anyone actually test the effectivity of the above mentioned filters? When I clicked on the 2nd picture (under activated alumna filters) to look up the product, the only usable comments about it’s capacity of filtering out fluoride (which is the whole – or I should say only – point) were negative. All other reviewers are just blatantly happy about secondary things (as always). I admit, I just want the easy answer to the question: Which one is the best anti-fluoride filter system that doesn’t cost a fortune? I don’t want to have to test the water, I don’t want to do much more research – as it should be pretty clear: do these filters REALLY work or not? I would appreciate someone’s response who actually did the research/testing which I don’t have the capacity to do. Thank you!

    1. Post

      I haven’t found any published reports on the effectiveness of various filters, especially for fluoride removal. I suspect it is due to the costs involved — I certainly don’t have the budget to run laboratory tests on all the filters listed here.

      Probably the least expensive way to remove fluoride from water is to add raw bone char to the water. I purchased some myself from eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-60-BONE-CHAR-GAC-Granular-Activated-Carbon-Filtration-Media-1-lb-/321578353994?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4adf90454a) to try it out, and ran some tests at home using very simple water test kit. From what I can remember, the tests for fluoride removal were successful.

      1. Timothy

        Unfortunately you can’t rely on inexpensive home tests for fluoride. The filter media can require specific test methods and equipment. You need to use a professional lab – and make sure even then that they know the media and have the right equipment. At Friends of Water, we share the media test results we have. Those media are then used in various configurations.

  11. Kim

    The Berkey Water Filtration system removes 95-99% of the flouride in water. It is a gravity based system, so requires no electricity. The Berkey removes other contaminates while leaving behind essential minerals. We have had ours for three years and absolutely love it. In the event of an emergency, we could put in water from the local lake and drinking water will come out. There are many sizes and filters to choose. I have read to stick with the black charcoal filters (rather than the ceramic) and the P2 flouride filters. We got ours off of ebay, slightly dented, but much cheaper than retail. When you are trying to decide on a size, keep in mind you need to use this for water for cooking, too. A pot of water for spaghetti can empty your chamber if you aren’t careful. The Berkey does have the option of adding additional filters if you want a faster cleaning rate. I can’t say enough good things about this filter. The best water I have ever tasted. I now have to take a bottle of Berkey water with me when I go to restaurants. I can’t drink anything else. Thanks for the great website and awesome information!!!

    1. Johanna

      I have been reading reviews in search of a water filtration system that will include fluoride removal.

      I am reading reviews on Amazon have found that Berkey is not as safe as many people think it is.


      I only comment because your mention of Berkey system led me to consider it, so others might know to look into it further.

      Appears that a lot of research is required to find a system that really does what it claims.

      1. Post

        I don’t recommend Berkey for fluoride removal — just my recommended filters I list in the article.

  12. Zal

    In the article health Minister of israel is mentioned, about his decision to stop adding fluoride to municipal water. It was last year when all municipalities had to stop adding fluoride.
    2015…new israeli government, with a new “health” minister. Guess what…he decided that he is smarter than everybody and reversed the previous health minister decision. He is obviously a super moron who has no idea what damage to health is caused by Fluoride. Or, maybe he is getting paid by BigPharma. And the israeli pharmaceutical giant Teva, the biggest producer of genetic drugs and part of the BigPharma mafia, probably has a role in this decision.

  13. Adam

    Those were such right wing comments coming from brad. I’m glad the others corrected that poor miss informed nut case that thinks he knows it all. For the record though most research can be done one sided for another interest/agenda. Fluoride is NATURAL, hydrofloricsillicacid is not sir, and that’s what’s in our drinking water. PLEASE do research before hate commenting. I’m glad the world it’s waking up to everyday dangers! GMO with Glyphosphate, water with hydrofloricsillicacid, artificial colors marketed towards children. Live safe

    1. Christine

      Adam, I’m a conservative and Christian and I’m still against fluoride in my water, along with many other people who share my same beliefs. I don’t think it’s one of those “right-wing” or “left-wing” issues…it’s an issue of health and treating it as such instead of generalizing based on one’s political or religious beliefs will do more to attract attention and change.

      1. Mark T

        I have followed this since I was a kid in SoCal back in the 60s. Through some mechanism that must be classified as outright mind control, the entirety of the popular media brainwashed the public into thinking that anybody who opposed fluoridation was a “Bircher”/”right-wing extremist”/”wacko”/etc. BTW fluoridation did me no good at all as I got lots of cavities anyway. If that was the point, it would have been better to have massive PSAs warning people against eating foods that caused cavities. Note that currently the public health authorities can be found railing against (always) sweetened drinks when anyone who is paying the slightest attention to the youth knows that they are gorging on “snack chip” concoctions that are the worst, stickiest, sugar-metabolizing things you could eat. (they are causing diabetes too). Apparently these products also tend to contain high levels of fluoride.

        Interesting note about the John Birch Society, later in the 70s I came to acquire some JBS literature; these publications, ignored or ridiculed at the time, read like today’s news. The corruptions of our institutions, debasement of financial reliability, moral decay, failed brainwashing government schools, deliberate promotion or racial/ethnic division, it’s all there (the only thing they seem to have missed is underestimating how fast jobs would be exported from the country). If you weren’t there at the time you can’t imagine what the political consequences would have been if someone suggested American corporations send jobs to the then-USSR the way they have done with China.

        The JBS blew the whistle on a number of ghastly corruptions and contradictions managed from the highest circles of power. For this they were suppressed with all the forces that the government/media/entertainment mind control complex could muster. You can see them doing the exact same thing today on things like vaccines, fluoride, GMOs, and their version of “climate change”. And hey, the big banks are “too big to fail” and we have to have “free trade”!

        For those seeking verification of the points, you can look up the writings of Antony Sutton, the untold history of the Reece Committee, or you can still see the current version of the JBS online at TheNewAmerican.com. Or you can visit the one web site TragedyAndHope.com (almost anyone can learn something important there because even the college educated are mostly unaware of these critical truths.)

  14. Vip


    This is very useful information. What about the bathing?
    Bathing allows body to absorb fluoride, chlorine, etc.
    Are there shower filters that we can use to take care of this issue?

    1. Post
  15. Tom

    I am a dentist and Dave is correct. Ingesting fluoride is only beneficial while permanent teeth have yet to erupt. After that, topical treatments with tooth paste or rinses do the trick without the side affects swallowing it. It makes no since to have everyone drink it when only few benefit from it. And to Brad, the results on dental decay is that it is is not always prevalent in many third world countries. The main culprit is when refined sugars become prevalent in the diet rather than the absence of fluoride.
    Thanks to Justin for the research!

  16. wynne

    “When the flow rate is faster than ¼ gallon/minute, there is not enough time to adsorb all the fluoride in the water. ” This happened to me when I bought a fluoride water filter. The diverter was the wrong type.

    Why do I have to pop a sedative when I read this?
    I have to ask, “WHY?? do they sell them this way? What possible motive do these companies have to sell something that does NOT work the way it could to remove fluoride?

  17. Dave

    Fluoride works topically killing the mouth’s bacteria.Swallowed fluoride is mainly ineffective. A small amount gets incorporated into the tooth enamel and can cause dental fluorosis depending on how long you’ve been exposed to fluoride. The protective effect is over by age 8. After that we are swallowing fluoride with no benefit and just getting chronically poisoned. We save one filling over a lifetime! Fluoride accumulates in our bones and can make them brittle. Also we can get hypothyroid. There is increasing evidence of bone cancer(osteosarcoma) and also brain poisoning(neurotoxicity) .Could this be the cause of increasing ADHD? Don’t prepare infant formula with fluoridated tap water!!

    1. Corie

      I agree with Dave. Our local water company sends us an annual warning about allowing children under 9 to drink the water from our city well #7 from which I get my water, which has 2.37 mg/L of Fluoride. The report (www.cityofml.com/Archive.aspx?AMID=61) says children under 9 may develop dental fluorosis when drinking water levels of Fluoride is over 2 mg/L. The EPA says we don’t have to worry about Fluoride in our city well #9, since it is only 3.46 mg/L and they swear we need to worry about bone disease only when it reaches 4 mg/L (this is the same government that said we shouldn’t give up eating fish near Grand Coulee Dam just because it has lots of mercury in it).

  18. Athena Kira

    Yep. Even (Scientific American)[http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/01/02/idUS108377+02-Jan-2008+PRN20080102] knows something is fishy with the fluoridation of our tap water. Unfortunately, I think most of the smarter Americans have gotten used to defending science against quackery and as a result always defend anything scientific. Seems that few people in the latter group take the time to consider a) our understanding needs to be continuously re-evaluated or b) science has been and will continue to be leveraged politically. Anyways, as Americans we rarely agree on things, and there’s still lots of internet out there, so we’ll continue to drink whatever water they use at Starbucks.

  19. Brad

    Without out fluoride our teeth will turn to mush.Then after that we’ll get endocarditis (bacterial infection most commonly caused by soft teeth) and die! Also have you ever seen the teeth of someone that comes from a country that doesn’t have fluorinated water (China) and been like “Hey I want to get on board with this!” This is more bullshit from the left trying to convince the world that we are poisoning ourselves with everything. Fluoride in normal moderation is fine. You might want to be more concerned with the amount of water that you in take (8 glasses a day) in since that for sure has been linked to increased rates of kidney failure. Finally, since the hippies like NATURAL remedies shouldn’t I mention that fluoride is natural? or does it come from the land of lollipops and unicorns. While your at it do the world a favor and don’t vaccinate your kids.

    1. Post


      Well, that was quite an anti-hippie rant. These are the facts however:

      — Most developed nations in the world have rejected fluoridation, including 97% of western Europe
      — There are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined


    2. H20

      Brad —

      I could take the high road and answer your awful post with reason and class. Instead I am just going to state that your an absolute idiot and have no idea what your talking about. So, it is my pleasure to know that you keep gulping down your lovely tap water. Kudos you jack ass……. Drink up! Keep those four teeth you have left flourinated.

      Master —

      Your work is incredible. You do intense research and it is greatly appreciated. Keep advising the upper elevated of humanity. Rock on 🙂

    3. jamiemadi

      WOW, how uninformed you are ! And I will continue to be a ‘hippy’…happily! At the same time, I refuse to be a Sheople….like Brad.

      Brad, FYI…the FLUORIDE in our drinking water is FAR from natural….read up, sweet pea and keep thinking that you are getting pure fluoride in your water….how hysterical!:

      “About 90 percent of the fluoride added to public water supplies comes from silicofluorides, chemicals produced mainly as byproducts from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers, according to the CDC.”

      Chemicals, Brad…..and don’t you think that other nasty chemicals are added with the fluoride too?? We are taking chemicals that come from factories and plants….NOT good for the human body I would not think, but then again clearly HIPPIES are a hell of a lot smarter than you ever will be!

      1. Andrea

        I am one of those lucky individuals who is hypersensitive to fluoride (ie: can’t drink, bathe, or cook with tap water without skin rash, headache, intestinal issues, ect).
        Because I live in an apartment complex I’ve been trying to find a solution to my shower problem. Is there really no easy way to filter fluoride in shower?

        Is this shower filter a lie/garbage?

        Thank you

        1. Post

            The only way I can think of to avoid flouride is to drain a dehumidifier into a gravity filter and then to a 50 gal drum to be used for showering. Another water line using pvc is needed to route the water into the shower. A small pump could be used to push the water to another 5 gallon container that sits atop a structure high enough for gravity to do the rest. Or an “outdoor” shower can be constructed that drains to the existing plumbing.
            If an additional line can’t be run or outdoor shower is not possible, then simply port the water to the shower with a 5 gallon bucket. A high shelf could be made to put the water on so that gravity could feed the water. Of course the water would need heating first.

    4. Rhonda Schmit

      Dude, you are wrong about fluoride. First of all there are two types of fluoride, sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride occurs in nature and sometimes is naturally in the water. Sodium fluoride is is a waste product of fertilizers and/or aluminum. IT IS A HAZARDOUS WASTE. And yes that’s what they put in city water. Water testing is usually done once a year and results are usually published in the newspaper. It will say sodium fluoride if it’s not naturally occurring. And yes in fact, if you are paying for city water, you are paying them to poison you. And it really doesn’t prevent tooth decay. The fluoride binds with calcium in your body, actually robbing your bones and teeth, and body of calcium.

      1. jose garcia

        interesting, i agree fluoride and chlorine and all chemicals added to produce tap potable water are not good to our health in a long run. I have been researching about electrolysis and ionizers as a solution to split the water in their components positives and negatives ,calcium, mg and K one side and chlorine , fluor and others to the other side.

        Do you have any info about this

    5. Bill

      What an intellectual and sociological disaster you are. I have heard the right wing corporate arguments before, which in reality, are nothing more than corporate sponsored mockery and ridicule. Nothing of substance, only the sanctimonious rhetoric of corporate support and their bottom line at the expense of the people.

      Using the term “organic” or “natural” refers to things that are meant to be consumed safely. Hemlock, nightshade along with snake venom, arsenic and other substances occur naturally. These are also organic and natural, but were never intended to be supportive of good health. Corporate owned slugs believe Roundup is good for you in the food and water. Eat up and drink up, Monsanto needs your support.

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