The Best Dehumidifier of 2018

by Patrick Hyde •

The best dehumidifier for large houses and humid climates is DeLonghi DD45E 45 pint dehumidifier

The Details

I live in Houston where humidity levels hover around 80% for much of the year. Like everyone else in town, I sweat as soon as I step outside. But the humidity has insidious implications beyond my personal discomfort. Older, poorly insulated buildings (like mine) let a lot of humidity indoors.

Houses with¬†a humidity level of over 60% are¬†breeding grounds for mildew, mold, and dust mites. Tropical climates aren’t the only vulnerable areas. Basements and other subterranean areas are often damp, which leads to mildew smells and damp carpets. If you are allergic to mildew and mold — and everyone is according to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology — you could get seriously ill if the humidity is left unchecked for long. Before that happens, invest in a dehumidifier. They are convenient and affordable solutions to this terrible problem.

Here’s how dehumidifiers work. A fan pulls moist air over two sets of coils, one air one warm, this causes the moisture to go into the cold coil which turns it into water and lets warm air flow out the warm coil on the back side. The water collects in a pan on the bottom of the unit, which needs to be manually removed every day or so. Larger dehumidifiers come equipped with a hose that can be directly linked to a drain.


A dehumidifier is classified by the size of the pan (usually 30, 50 or 70 liters), which is the max amount of moisture a dehumidifier can collect every day before it needs to be emptied. The size you need really depends on your room.

Noise output, energy usage, and moisture removal tests are important considerations when choosing your dehumidifier. If you are sleeping in a room with a dehumidifer then it is important to get low fan noise. Also, not all hydrometers sync up with the manufacturers claims.

Build quality is important, so check the materials used. For example, a braced water tank is an assurance of quality.

The Best Dehumidifier For Humid Climates


DeLonghi is the gold-standard of quality consumer dehumidifiers. Every few years they update their flagship line to assure that their product is the easiest to use and incorporates the latest technology and usability. The DeLonghi DD45E removes moisture from the air with ease, and is perfect for home owners in humid areas. I tested out a 45 liter unit, which did an admirable job of making my 650 sq ft apartment bearable on humid August days. It took around 2 hours to drop from 75% humidity to 50%. If I let the thing run continuously for 24 hours, it would fill up the 45 pint tank.

The DeLonghi DD45E sports a LCD display that keeps you updated on what the moisture situation in your room. You get a slew of settings. For instance, you can set your target humidity to your liking. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is 40-50%, but you can customize it based on personal preference or if you have, say, a collection of old books that you want even drier.

delonghi 45 pint dehumidifier best dehumidifier 2016

There is also a timer button, which allows you to set the unit to run for a fixed amount of time. I did this at night when I was going to sleep. And the DeLonghi DD45E is surprisingly quiet for such a powerful unit. I wouldn’t go so far as to slap the label “whisper” on it, but it isn’t much louder than a box fan and is way less intrusive than, say, a window air condition unit. There’s none of the vibrating sounds that plague other large units, just the soft hum of a blowing fan. Too loud for those who demand perfect silence when they sleep, but ideal for the rest of us.

The customize-able timer is helpful if you are going to be away from home all day and want to save some electricity (it is energy-star rated and ). There is also a “set and forget” constant run option for those who attach a hose to the back of the unit. The hose is easy to attach and works great, though you will need to have a drain to direct the water. The 45 pint edition comes with a 3 foot house.

If you aren’t there in time and come back to a full bin (as I often did), an automatic shutoff feature will give you some peace of mind. It beeps and displays a little icon. A carry handle and castor wheels help you move the unit around without much issue. The design is slim and attractive, with easy-to-clean antibacterial filter. The bucket is not the easiest to remove for all people, however. It is a bit top heavy which leads to some spillage, and could be frustrating to get back in. Still, the materials on both the bucket and unit itself are solid.

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