The Warmest Comforters Of 2019

by Justin Thomas •

To find the warmest comforter or duvet, we need to determine the warmest filling material. It turns out that the warmest fiber by weight that is suitable for filling a comforter is — alpaca wool.

After owning an alpaca comforter for a year now, I’ve really noticed its lightest and warmth compared to my other down-filled comforters.

I should mention that bison wool and musk ox wool are actually warmer than alpaca wool, but these fibers are too expensive to put in a comforter. For example, filling a comforter with bison wool would cost about $4000 (see my article comparing these wools for more information). Synthetic fibers like microfibers tend to be much less warm overall, by weight.

Alpacas looking at camera. They are very curious!

Alpaca wool is about three times as warm as sheep’s wool, and it is lightweight and durable. It contains no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic and odorless. Alpaca wool also has one of the highest moisture ‘wicking’ properties of all natural fibers. Body moisture is absorbed by the fiber, keeping sweat away to be released to the outside of the comforter. Also, alpaca wool is flame-resistant and meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards.

Alpacas are kept in herds that graze in the mountains of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile.

Not many companies actually make alpaca comforters — but I found three that I can recommend:

Ave Maria Alpaca Comforters (Peru): 400 Grams Wool Per Square Inch

Warmest Comforter: Alpaca Wool

Ave Maria is based in Lima, Peru and get their wool from alpacas naturally grazing in the ranges of the Andes Mountains in Peru, at altitudes of 3000 meters or higher above sea level.

The company says “no pesticides, chemicals, dyes, or bleaches are used, and the naturally dry and clean fill prevents dust mites and other allergens from settling in.”

The comforters come with a 100% organic cotton cover.

Alpaca wool weight: 400 GSM (grams per square inch)

Sizes and prices:

  • King — 104″ x 92″ (234 x 264 cm) — $345
  • Queen — 88 “ x 92″ (224 x 234 cm) — $330
  • Twin —  68 “x 88” (173 x 224 cm) — $280

The comforter are available here on Amazon.

Link: Ave Maria

Inca Fashions Alpaca Comforters (USA): 450 Grams Wool Per Square Inch

Inca Fashions makes comforters in the USA from imported fibers. They are a licensed provider of alpaca garments by the International Alpaca Association (IAA).

The company says “We use the warmest super fine alpaca instead of baby or royal baby alpaca, which can ball up or felt upon washing,”

Inca Fashions offers the heaviest alpaca comforters of the three listed here. Their Heavyweight Comforter offers 450 grams of fiber per square inch.

The comforters come with a 100% pima cotton sateen woven fabric (588 threads per inch) which is free of bleach, dyes and pesticides.

Size and prices:

These comforters available on Amazon.

Pacific Alpaca Comforters (New Zealand): 400 Grams Wool Per Square Inch

A company called Pacific Alpacas makes comforters in Central Otago, New Zealand.  The company sources  alpaca fiber from New Zealand breeders. The inner part of their duvets are made with 100% New Zealand alpaca fiber encased in a 400 thread count sateen cotton cover. The duvet ships with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and a cotton storage bag.

Of the three brands I recommend, these are the least expensive alpaca comforters by weight and size. However, the comforters must be shipped from New Zealand.

Alpaca wool weight: 400 GSM (grams per square inch)

Available sizes:

  • NZ Super King (265 x 210cm) – $258 USD ($395 NZD)
  • NZ King (245 x 210 cm) – $245 ISD ($375 NZD)
  • NZ Queen (210 x 210 cm) -$225 USD ($345 NZD)
  • NZ Single (140 x 210 cm) – $163 USD ($250 NZD)

A couple of these comforters are available on Amazon.

To order the comforters from New Zealand, I recommend this company: Good Creations

Update: I found a U.S grown and made Alpaca comforter on Etsy.

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