The Best Rechargeable 9V Batteries of 2018

by Patrick Hyde •

9V batteries are widely known by their distinctive size and rectangular shape. In fact, 9V refers to the physical size rather than the actual voltage. Rechargeable 9V batteries range in voltage from 7.2V to 9.6V. Each 9V actually houses several smaller cells that are used to power low discharge devices, such as smoke alarms and wireless microphones.

Several rechargeable 9V batteries have hit the market in the past decade. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly alternatives to disposable batteries. One type is rechargeable alkaline 9V batteries. Rechargeable alkaline 9v batteries are inexpensive and work well for higher use devices, like wireless mics or walkie-talkies. They don’t hold a very long shelf life, so are not a good option for carbon monoxide detectors or other devices that need to hold a charge for long periods of time.


Lithium-Ion and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) 9v batteries are better options than rechargeable alkaline batteries. Lithium-Ion have double the capacity of NiMH batteries but tend to be more expensive.

Our choice for the best lithium-ion 9V battery of 2016 is EBL 600mAh High Volum Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. They have improved low-self discharge (LSD), so they still have up to 75% of their capacity even if they are inactive for 3 years. They also can be recharged well over 1000 times if properly maintained.

EBL writes that their batteries are designed for use with high drain devices, such as audio equipment, LED lighting, and medical technology. They get 8.4 volts.


NiMH 9V batteries are another environmentally conscious option. They have a shorter shelf life than lithium ion batteries, but are less expensive and are a good choice for high drain electronics, such as music equipment. The best option on the market in 2016 is Powerex Imedion 9.6V 230mAh. They get a true 9.6V charge and are can be stored for an extended period of time, unlike other NiMH 9V batteries. They also come pre-charged, which is very convenient and eliminates one of the annoyances of rechargeable batteries.

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  1. I am very disappointed with the I MEDION 9 V. RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Two of them have died, even though I followed the directions on the charger about how to rejuvenate them. A third one only lasts about 1/4 of the time that it did when I first bought it. It is JOKE. I use the batteries for medical equipment, so I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED with them.

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