The Best Stereo Receiver

best stereo receiver

The Onkyo TX-NR545 Receiver is our choice for the best stereo receiver. This receiver produces excellent sound via 7.2 audio channels. It comes with HDMI 2.0 capabilities, allowing it to support 4K UltraHD sound and video, WiFi and streaming options.

The Details

The Best Stereeo Receiver: Onkyo TX NR545

The Onkyo TX-NR545 is equipped with everything you want in a home stereo receiver in 2016. Each channel has an impressive 115 watts (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1 Channel Driven, FTC), and Discrete Amps deliver additional current for higher quality audio reproduction. The built in 384kHz / 32bit hi-grade AKM DAC (Digital Audio Converter) assures that HD audio files play at their full potential. 

The biggest innovation comes with the HDMI 2.0 capability. HDMI 2.0 is a recent upgrade in audio/video technology designed, among other things, to support new 4k UltraHD quality video and sound. Receivers without HDMI 2.0 will not be able to transmit audio in the new standard, which is the format new Blu-ray players and TV producers are switching to. All six HDMI terminals on the TX-NR545 support the latest 4k UltraHD format. The TX-545 also has built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and can stream from Pandora and Spotify.

Wirecutter noted that the TX-NR545 is difficult to set up. The TX-NR545’s USB port is also on the back of the receiver, which is inconvenient.

The Top Rated Stereeo Receiver: Onkyo TX NR545

The Onkyo TX-NR545 is available from Amazon for about $430.

Another Option

The Best Stereeo Receiver: Yamaha RX V479BL

The Yamaha RX-V479 is another great stereo for its price. CNET gave it a 8.9/10 and praised its sound quality and connectivity features. It has 140 Watts output and UltraHD 4k connectivity. It is available for around $400.

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