The Softest Men’s Wool Sweatpants

Because I’ve been testing wool products for about ten years, I’ve tried many brands of merino wool pants. These are the software ones I’ve found: 100% Merino Wool Warm Up Sweatpant by Woolly Woolly just introduced this new sweatpant called a “Pro-Knit Warm Up Sweatpant“. The “pro-knit” fabric is an 18 micron merino that is ” woven into a compact …


The Best Spin Dryer Of 2019

Spin drying is much more energy efficient than electric tumble drying. Spin drying is also faster — it takes two to three minutes to get clothes to a “barely damp” state.

The Brightest E12 LED Bulbs Of 2019

LED bulbs are now available in the smaller E12 size. This size bulb is usually found in ceiling fans and chandelier fixtures.

The Warmest Wool Hats For Men 2019

These hats are made of qiviut (musk ox wool), yak wool, bison wool, alpaca and merino. They are the warmest I’ve found:


The Highest Capacity Rechargeable AA Batteries

For powering high-drain electronics such as digital cameras, the most efficient batteries to use are high-capacity Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells. Higher capacity batteries store more charge and they can power your devices longer. The highest capacity rechargeable AA batteries are: Ansmann’s 2850 mAh batteries and Powerex’s 2700 mAh batteries. Of these two batteries, Powerex’s 2700 mAh gets the most positive reviews from photographers. It received …


The Best D-Size Rechargeable Batteries Of 2019

There are now a number of low-discharge D-size cells available. These cells are as powerful alkaline batteries, and they hold 85% of their charge for a year. The highest-capacity D-size rechargeable cells are rated from 10000 to 12000 mAh (milliamp hours). Here are our recommendations: The Highest Capacity D-Size Batteries: Powerex The Powerex D-Sized Batteries are rated at 10,000 mAh. …