The Best Non-Toxic Bedding

by Justin Thomas •

We spend about one third of our lives in bed — it’s a time when our body regenerates itself. We also absorb substances through our skin and through our lungs. So keeping one’s bed toxin-free is optimal. My recommended material for mattress and pillows is natural latex. This is the sap from the rubber tree. It is a yielding but …


The Best Kitchen Knife Set Of 2018

by Bethany McDonald •

The best kitchen knife set is the Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set with Block. This knife set from the well-known cutlery brand feature blades that are precision-forged from a single piece of high carbon steel; full tang; and triple-riveted handles.


A List Of Goods Still Made In The USA

by Justin Thomas •

Here’s a master list of well-designed products still made in the United States. If only certain products are U.S.-made, you’ll see a “(only selected products)” note.