The Best Mechanical Keyboards Of 2017

by Justin Thomas •

A mechanical keyboard can make your typing experience enjoyable and efficient. Almost all keyboards are made with cheap “rubber dome” switches. Apple keyboards use a slightly better “scissor” switch. For fast typing, you really want a mechanical switch keyboard.


The Brightest LED Flashlights Of 2016

by Justin Thomas •

These days, there are some mighty bright LED flashlights over there — ones that can rival car headlights in their shine. Let’s take at look at some of the brightest in the world:

The Best Scuba Masks For Visibility

by Patrick Hyde •

These are the best scuba masks for visibility: Tusa Freedom HD Atomic Frameless 2 A scuba trip can take you to theĀ  tranquil waters of a Caribbean cove or to the murky depths of the Scottish aisles. But no matter the environment, you will need a quality scuba mask to take in your surroundings. Cheap masks fog up or obstruct …