Review: Digital Stethoscope by ThinkLabs

Digital Stethoscope
Digitial Stethoscope By Thinklabs
Digital Stethoscope By Thinklabs

I’ve been testing this Digital Stethoscope by Thinklabs. Unlike most digital stethoscope, this one has an audio out port, which allows you to connect it to a computer or MP3 recording device.

Digital Stethoscope
Digital Stethoscope

The stethoscope works well — it has a built-in amplifier, and with a bit of practice, you can record heart and lung sound quite easily. It has a noise-reduction feature, which is handy when you are in a noisy environment. It takes two AAA batteries for power. Thinklabs offers some free recording/analysis software for the PC and MAC (based on Audacity). Here is a screenshot of a heartbeat I recorded:

The Digital Stethoscope by Thinklabs is available from Amazon for under $200.

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