The Best Battery Organizer

  • Kovot Battery Organizer is the best battery organizer of 2016. It can store 72 batteries and comes with a slide out battery tester.

The Details

Hopefully our recent string of battery reviews has convinced you to expand your rechargeable battery collection. NiMH cells are non-toxic and last for hundreds of recharge cycles, keeping them out of the landfill for longer. That’s both cost effective and eco-friendly. Once your battery arsenal grows large enough, you will want to invest in a battery organizer to reduce clutter.

Don’t be the person who tosses them helter-skelter in a junk drawer. One day you will be running late to catch a plane and will need to grab a fresh few to power the camera or a flashlight. When that happens, you will want to know exactly where your batteries are.

Enter Kovot’s battery organizer, complete with a removable tester. This sturdy and functional container holds AAA, AA, C, D, 9 Volt, CR and AG13 Buttons Cells. It has a 72 battery capacity, and each battery snaps into place with a satisfying click.

The case is a sleek black rectangle, perfect for sliding in drawers or laying out on a workbench. It has the otpion to be mounted on the wall and is made out of relatively strong plastic, although there is no outer layer of plastic to seal the batteries tightly inside.


While the Kovot comes with a battery tester, many Amazon reviewers noted that it had weak soldering and thus was not the most reliable tester on the market. Overall, this case is good as an organizer but consumers might want to look elsewhere for a reliable battery tester.

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