The Best Projectors for Small Rooms (Ultra Short Throw Projectors)

by Patrick Hyde •


Projectors have moved out of the movie theater and into your apartment living room. Once the domain of houses with large media rooms, the new generation of short throw and ultra short throw projectors only need a few feet (or in some cases inches) to cast true HD image of up to 100 inches.

The Best USB Thumb Drive Of 2016

by Patrick Hyde •


USB Thumb Drives use flash memory to store and transfer data. These little guys have been around for awhile, and are a quick and effective means of transferring data. There are a couple factors to keep in mind when purchasing a USB thumb drive.

Fastest SSD Drive for Windows and Linux

by Patrick Hyde •


The Fastest SSD Overall: Samsung 850 PRO The Details Unlike a mechanical hard drive, an SSD doesn’t have any moving parts. With more components and exposed circuitry, a HDD is vulnerable to mechanical failure. The SSD can access and write data much faster and is resistant to physical shock. But advertised SSD benchmarks are hard to pin down, as they …

The Fastest External Hard Drive of 2016

by Patrick Hyde •

fastest external hard drive

In our mobile world it is more important than ever to be able to move large amounts of data at quick speeds. Right now there are three popular methods of moving and storing files: flash drives, cloud storage, and external hard drives. Of these options, external hard drives are your best bet.