The Best Mounted Wireless Hi-Fi System of 2016

In a Nutshell

The BeoSound 35, made by Bang & Olufsen, is a wireless hi-fi “super soundbar” that stands as an unbeatable “all-in-one integrated music system”.

The Details

Renowned Danish audio products engineers and designers Bang & Olufsen (B&O) have come up with a soundbar that’s not a mere soundbar in the usual sense but something far beyond that, aesthetically and sonically. It’s the pentagonal BeoSound 35, a wireless “all-in-one integrated music system” that I find formidably good among mounted or standing audio systems of this kind.


The BeoSound 35 can deliver clear and powerful sound for 24-bit/192 kHz high resolution audio. Other supported formats include MP3, AAC, AIFF, ALAC playback, FLAC, WA, and WMA (but not WMA lossless). What’s more, support for streaming services including Spotify Connect and the Deezer app is integrated right into the system. Likewise, so is support for AirPlay, BLNA, Google Cast, and TuneIn. There’s connectivity for Bluetooth 4.0 alongside “old school” hard-wired inputs. The company has, characteristically, made sure that it’s simplicity itself to pair up the BeoSound 35 with other B&O audio equipment if you want multi-room audio. According to B&O, all of this makes it a true “all-in-one integrated music system”, and I have to concur.

The unit has an OLED display built in, along with on-board touch controls. You control the volume with a finger swipe.

Behind the face cover, you find a pair of forward-facing 4″ woofers and a pair of 0.75″ tweeters which are angled at 90 degrees to the woofers, each pair driven by an 80-watt Class-D amplifier. The unit’s frequency range is from 45 Hz to 22 kHz.


The BeoSound 35’s aluminum outer shell and elongated pentagonal shape are a seamless blend of optimal function and form. The aluminum simultaneously helps with durability and heat dispersion. The pentagonal shape is much more aesthetically pleasing than the usual “rectangular box” shape of mounted wireless hi-fi speakers, but it also provides additional sound quality. That is, with the unit’s bigger loudspeaker at its center and the smaller tweeters on the ends you experience a well-balanced, 180-degree, room-filling sound without the annoyance or disappointment of hot spots or dead zones.

It has been thoroughly demonstrated that the BeoSound 35 can utterly cascade a room with crisp, high quality audio which doesn’t allow Beats-like bass dominance or distortion — whether you mount the system on the wall or set it up on a table with the included aluminum stand.

At the time of this writing, the BeoSound 35 has only had demo models heard. B&O are putting it on the market in April, 2016.

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