Making Amazon Easier: Direct Links To Support Services

Many useful links on Amazon are difficult to find, so I’ve created this list:

Amazon Customer Support Chat

Here is a direct link to the Amazon Customer Support Chat

Amazon Customer Service Email

This is the Amazon Customer Service email address:

Average reply: (10 hours)

Expect replies: 24 hours, 7 days.

Usually writes back @ 10:15am.

Amazon Customer Service Telephone Number

Telephone number: 888-280-4331

Best time to call: 8:30am

Typical wait time: 2-4 minutes

Hours available: 24 hours, 7 days.

Clear Browsing History

You can clear your browser history on this page. Select “Manage History” and “Turn Off Browsing History” and also select “Remove All Items From View” option on the same page.

Turn Off Personalized Advertising

If you like to turn off personal ad, see the Amazon Advertising Preferences.

Amazon Returns Page

This is where to find the new Returns Center page.

Amazon Gift Card Redeem Page

Here is the page to redeem Amazon gift cards: Amazon Gift Card Redeem.

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