The Quietest Leaf Blower Of 2018

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  • The quietest leaf blower currently available is the Echo Leaf Blower, which generates only 65 decibels. This blower is also free of the high-pitched whine that most leaf blowers produce.

Echo is a company that has spent years developing quieter leaf blowers. According to the Echo, the biggest problem with most leaf blowers is the high pitch whining sound that they produce. It’s not so much the volume but the whine that irritates people.Their goal was eliminate the high pitch whine by adjusting the fan design of their blowers.They baffled the muffler and made many other adjustments to reduce rattling. This video demonstrates the noise level differences of the ECHO blowers:

You can see a more in-depth presentation here.

Some Tips For Buying A Quiet Leaf Blower

Apparently, electric blowers are not any quieter than gas left blowers because their design generates a “siren” type of sound. However, battery-powered electric blowers like the EGO are emission-free. They can operate for about 20 minutes before needing a recharge.

When you purchase a leaf blower, you can check the ANSI noise rating which will be printed on the box in comes in. If the blower doesn’t have an ANSI rating you can assume it will be quite loud.

The Echo Leaf Blower is available from Amazon for about $180.

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