The Top Rated Inflatable Boats

Intex Mariner

Inflatable boats have sides and bows made of sealed air chambers. Small inflatables may have inflatable floors, but larger inflatables typically have rigid floors and transoms. Many inflatable boats are designed to be deflated and inflated easily in order to ease transport and storage. Inflatables differ in size, materials, and number of air chambers. Some are engineered to accept motors, some have oarlocks, and some have keels.

We have taken a close look at all the major brands in order to find the highest levels of quality, performance, and value. Our search took us to websites such as Bass Pro Shops, Amazon, Cabela’s, All Inflatable Boats & Kayaks, and Meijer for expert and customer reviews. Here are our picks:

Sevylor Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat
Sevylor Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat

Sevylor Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat ($193)

  • Bass Pro Shops: 4.4/5.0 (25+ reviews)
  • Meijer: 4.5/5.0 (10+ reviews)
  • Amazon: 3.5/5.0 (15+ reviews)

The Sevylor Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat is the largest in the company’s Fish Hunter inflatable boat series. 3 Person ($97) and 4 Person ($135) Fish Hunters are also available. The Fish Hunter 6 Person gets high marks for its stability and its light weight. Reviewers have had success installing electric or small gas motors. The biggest complaint in reviews concerns the six-person advertised capacity; most who comment claim the Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat will comfortably hold only three or four adults. The 32-gauge PVC skin does a good job of resisting punctures and tears. This inflatable can accommodate up to a three-horsepower motor; it includes bow and stern fittings as well as a battery pouch. Fishing-specific extras include two inflatable seats, two rod holders, a gear bag, and chafing pads. Additional features: two tunnel chambers, four swiveling oarlocks, four drain plugs, and two carry handles. This boat comes with a 90-day warranty. Its weight capacity is 1,200 pounds.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter 6 Person Boat ($192) is available on Amazon, as are the 3 Person ($97) and 4 Person ($135) versions.

Intex Mariner
Intex Mariner

Intex Mariner ($350)

Top Review Sources:

  • All Inflatable Boats & Kayaks: “We think you’ll find that the Intex Mariner inflatable boat offers awesome durability and comfort, and should live up to your expectations as a leisure craft”
  • Cabela’s: 4.6/5.0 (25+ reviews)
  • Amazon: 4.5/5.0 (20+ reviews)

The Intex Mariner resides at the top in of the company’s line of inflatable boats. This four-person craft has an inflatable keel, extruded plastic floor, and motormount fittings. Its skin is 26-gauge PVC vinyl with strategically-placed rock guards for extra puncture protection. Complaints about the Mariner, though sparse, center on the unrealistic claim of four-person capacity (three adults seems to be the max) and the poor quality of the included oars. Most feedback is positive; reviewers like the build quality, ease of transport, and quick setup/teardown times. The Mariner has four air chambers, two oarlocks, three seat cushions, two fishing rod holders, two grab handles, a gear bag, and a battery pouch. Customers report no problems installing a small motor. The Mariner’s weight capacity is 704 pounds.

You’ll find the Intex Mariner for sale on Amazon.

Sea Eagle 9
Sea Eagle 9

Sea Eagle 9 ($329)

Top Review Sources:

  • “A great value for the weekend rafter”
  • All Inflatable Boats & Kayaks: “A hull so firm and hard you can pound on it with a hammer without fear of it ripping or tearing”
  • Cabela’s: 4.2/5.0 (5+ reviews)

Sea Eagle is widely known for its high-quality inflatable boats and kayaks. The Sea Eagle 9 is an 11-foot boat built with fishermen in mind. Reviewers repeatedly comment on the remarkable low weight/high stability balance this boat provides. The Sea Eagle 9 comes with a set of oars, foot pump, rowing seat, and high seat. Though capacity is listed at four to five persons, two or three is a more realistic (and comfortable) estimate according to customers. Maximum weight is 1,200 pounds. The five-chamber hull weighs only 38 pounds when collapsed. The Sea Eagle 9 will accommodate gas motors of up to 3 horsepower and electric motors with up to 74 pounds of thrust. Additional features include a carry handle and four oarlocks. Like the other boats reviewed here, the Sea Eagle 9 comes with a repair kit. Other compliments the Sea Eagle 9 receives involve its easy inflation/deflation and resilient, 38 mil PVC skin. This boat comes with a three-year warranty.

The Sea Eagle 9 is for sale on Amazon. The Fisherman’s Dream package adds a set of floorboards, motormount, motormount bench seat, and middle bench seat. It is available with the Sea Eagle 9.

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  1. I literally just began looking at inflatable boats tonight, out if curiosity. We live on a small lake/ the Cumberland River, in Tennessee. There is a current, but unless it storms, it is relatively slow. None of us do a lot of fishing (yet), but we’d like something we can carry down to the shore, and go play in. A little speed would be a good thing! 🙂 Any suggestions?

    1. I do live in pineville on the cumberland river and also use mine at chenoa cannon creek and parts of norris lake i have the intex mariner 4 and it works great

  2. I’ve been looking at reviews online for a while. There don’t seem to be many comparisons of the Sea Eagle vs Intex vs Sevylor. I’ve had the Sea Eagle for about 12 years now, and boated on rivers, lakes, etc. countless times. It still works fine, with no patches needed.

    I think I’ll end up paying extra and buying the Sea Eagle 9 again… it is worth the extra hundred bucks to last that long.

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