The FireHotTub — A Portable Wood Burning Hot Tub

portable fire hot tub

This is the FireHotTub by ALFI. It’s a portable hot tub that’s heated by a wood-burning stove.

The FireHotTub is just 16 inches deep — so it’s really best for solo soaks. However, this tub is quite portable — it has built-in handles so that two people can carry it and put it in a trailer.

The water in the tub circulates naturally through the coil around the basket where the firewood is held. You can raise or lower the basket to adjust the temperature. There’s a built-in screen to protect bathers from ash. You can still toast marshmallows with ambient heat.

This type of tub has been around for a while — check out the graphic below:

ancient hottubs

The Alfi FireHotTub is available at Blue Bath for around $5800

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