The Brightest Bike Light

brightest bike light
  • The Niterider 3600 Pro which shines with 3600 lumens is currently the brightest bike light (a typical car headlight produces about 1500 lumens). It sells for about $600
  • The brightest self-contained bike light is the Nitecore BR32 — a 1800 lumen OLED light, available for $130

Brightest Bike Light: Niterider Pro 3600 Lumen Light


The Niterider 3600 Pro is a 3600 lumen light made in the USA. This light has two chambers, and each chamber contains three Cree XML LED bulbs.

Niterider have a great reputation, and I’ve found their lights to be very durable — they’ve survived a few falls onto pavement from my bike.

This light is very bright and projects a wide beam hundreds of feet. A unique feature of this light is the included DIY software, which allows you to customize the settings it to your needs.

Brightest Bike Light With Built In Battery

brightest bike light
Also Very Bright Bike Light: Niterider1200 Lumen

Note that the light’s beam is just too bright to use in an urban area, unless you greatly step down the intensity! If you feel you’ll be doing this, you might consider the 1800 Lumen Niterider or the 1200 lumen Niterider.

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  1. Why not use lights with concentrated reflectors that put the light where we need it instead of trying to strap airplane landing lights to our handlebars or helmets and incinerate everything from the leaves on the ground to the twigs in the trees?

    Instead of sealed batteries, which require you to throw away a perfectly good light because the battery has died, I’d want to see lights powered by user replaceable rechargeable batteries. I’m fed up with having to buy new stuff every time the battery dies. For this reason, I made sure the battery in my most current cellphone could be removed and replaced by the end user.

  2. Have you seen the Fenix Lights bike lights. They have been around for a couple years. They have 1800 lumen models with focused beams and easy mounting. There is a replaceable battery model and a built in battery model. They are also sold direct from Fenix as well as other stores. They are really good and have lasted very well for me.

    1. Could you please possibly send me a link or full name of the product you have described my friend 🙏 I am a first time bicycle buyer and getting every possible accessory 🤭😉👍🏻

  3. I was just looking for a replacement for my old light . Of course, I was surprised by the price of $ 600, but judging by the description it is worth it, but I would not dare to make such a purchase. I got my new bike bikesist it cost less than this Niterider Pro 3600 Lumen Light.

  4. Instead of attempting to strap aircraft landing lights to our handlebars or helmets in order to incinerate everything from the leaves on the ground to the twigs in the trees, how about lights with focused reflectors that put the light where we need it?

    I’d also like to see lights powered by user replaceable rechargeable batteries instead of sealed batteries that force you to replace a serviceable light just because the battery has died. I’m tired of replacing things just because the battery has died. That’s why I made sure that my most recent cell phone had a user replaceable battery.

    1. Niterider 3600 pro owner here, my 2nd niterider I’ve owned. 1st one was bought for my mtb about 15 years ago when I could still ride an upright, that old sucker had a water bottle sized battery. I’ve owned this 3600 for roughly 7 years, sold the 1st to a friend and bought 3600 as replacement. 7 years (roughly) of heavy use; the 2200 miles I logged last year was less than half the 5000 the year before, which was slightly lower than the previous, and still burning bright, battery showing little drop in duration of use. I highly recommend the 3600 pro!

      As for focused beam and all that, all I know is I can see all the road even with oncoming traffic. Not only can I see, while on low setting, most oncoming dim their lights with the same respect as an auto gets with only a scattering needing reminded (3 power levels means you can “bright” them if needed). I absolutely love the respect given! I rarely go out of low setting, plenty bright enough, but love that I can if needed!

  5. There are a few lights over 1300 lumen w/integrated battery. I own a Serfas USL 1500 that puts out 1500 with 2 cree LEDs. The beam is spread wide with dual wide leds, throws furthur than I need. MORE visibility than certainly any road rider needs, but great to see wildlife on the edges of road or trail to prevent hurting the critters/myself. It has 2 lithium cells inside that mean I can push 400 lumens for over 7hrs without stopping to charge it up. Or I can be legitimized as a car/motorcycle on the road by other drivers. It helps. Anything over 700 lumens is extra power not needed on a bike in my opinion. But a broad beam helps. So does the extra battery capacity typically contained in higher lumen lights.

    1. I received my bike headlight yesterday, big surprise! i never thought a $19 can be so good quality, it’s very bright and AWESOME! worth to try!

  6. I am a wounded disabled veteran would you donate to me a night light to be used for my transportation needs and my outdoor therapy. Thank you. Mel Commeree.

    1. Dear All,I was also trapped by these people in December 2012 and I paid around 9000AEDs to them. Fortunately, I got my money back couple of weeks back. The idea is to keep following up with them via emails, calls and personal viaTns.ihstksSaadat

  7. You totally left out NiteRider lights, who make awesome bike lights such as 800 lumen, 1200, 1800, and even 3600.

    In my experience (i ride a lot, and work at a bike shop), NiteRider has much better quality than Cygolite…

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