The Brightest EDC Flashlight (300 Lumens)

  • The brightest keychain flashlight is the Titan Plus by Surefire. It produces 300 lumens on its highest setting. It costs about $81.
  • The brightest compact keychain flashlight is the ThruNite Ti3. It costs about $13.

The Brightest Keychain Flashlight: Titan Plus


I received this flashlight, and it’s very bright and solidly constructed. I personally carry this light on my keychain. But others might find it too large — if this is the case, I would recommend the compact ThruNite Ti3 (see below).

All Surefire flashlights are designed and built in the USA, although some components are still sourced outside the US. The company says:

We do import a few components – most notably, the finest light emitting diodes (LEDs) from top-notch manufacturers outside the country – to incorporate into our products. All of that said, we do rely on as many American-made parts and components as possible, and the assembly of these components is done under our watchful eye in the U.S. to ensure optimal quality.

The Titan Plus is available from Amazon for about $90.

The Brightest Compact Keychain Light: ThruNight Ti3

The Brightest Keychain Light Under $20: Thrunite Ti3

The brightest compact keychain flashlight, the ThruNite Ti3 shines with 120 lumens in its highest mode. This is a very small light — it’s only 2.76 inches (70mm) in length. Its body is a titanium alloy, and at 0.56 ounces (16 grams) — this makes it one of the lightest keychain lights.

The ThruNite Ti3 uses just one AAA battery and costs about $13. It’s fully IPX-8 waterproof — it can be submerged up to 2 meters.

Here is the ThruNite Ti3 in action on its highest mode:


Personally, it’s all the light I need to travel through the forest at night.

One negative for me — when the Ti3 is first turned on, it starts in “firefly” mode (.5 lumens), and it requires a couple of more twists to get it to”medium” mode (12 lumens). However, if you keep the light off between 2 to 10 seconds and then turn it on, the light will turn on in the last mode accessed, thankfully.

The ThruNite Ti3 is available at Amazon for around $14.

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    1. Looks like a good light. It’s a bit too large to include in this list and has a built-in battery, which means I can’t carry extra AA batteries as a backup. But I may include it in my upcoming Best Pocket Flashlights post.

  1. This is a good post! The keychain LED flashlights are very convenient to carry and can illuminate your way whenever required. The ThruNite Ti3 is fully waterproof and comes at s lower price than Surefire Titan Plus. One thing the users should keep in mind that they have to take the right care of these products to maintain its longevity.

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