The Best Ruggedized Laptop Of 2020

  • ASUS has released a ruggedized Chromebook. It water “spillproof” and can be dropped from 3.9 feet without damage.
  • The toughest ruggedized laptop for outdoor and industrial use is the Latitude Rugged Extreme by Dell.
  • The most toughest laptop for everyday business use is Lenovo’s ThinkPad T450sc. This laptop’s small frame and durable hardware make it an excellent choice for frequent travelers.

The Most Rugged Laptop

If you need a laptop that can survive construction sites and industrial environmental hazards, go for the Latitude Rugged Extreme.  It is fortified by a magnesium alloy backbone and is compression-sealed.

The Latitude Rugged Extreme stands up to MIL-STD-810G testing. That means it can withstand Transit drop (72”,60”,48”; single unit; 78 drops), operating drop (36”), blowing rain, blowing dust, blowing sand, vibration, functional shock, humidity, salt fog (optional with rubberized keyboard), altitude, explosive atmosphere, solar radiation, thermal extremes, thermal shock, freeze/thaw, tactical standby to operational.

It has an operating thermal range of -20°F to 145°F and has ANSI/ISA.12.12.01 hazardous location  certification, so it can be used in pretty much any environment on earth.

The Latitude 4 has both WiFi and 4G/LTE mobile broadband capability. It has 128Gb Mobility SSD and Intel Core i4 processor. At 8lbs, it is quite heavy.

The Latitude Rugged Extreme is available from Amazon for around $700.

A Ruggedized Business Laptop

Toughest Business Laptop: Lenovo's ThinkPad T450s.

Lenovo’s T-Series Thinkpads are instantly recognizable for their aesthetic and have a long reputation for toughness.

The black rectangular chassis and diagonal white ThinkPad logo frame a carbon-fiber lid, magnesium body and stainless steel hinges. The hinges are both flexible and durable, lasting longer than any other on the market. The T450S meets MIL-SPEC standards in 11 categories: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure (15,000 ft), low temperature, solar radiation, fungus, salt fog, and dust.

The T450s also features a spill-proof ergonomic keyboard. ThinkPads are renown for their comfortable keyboards, so they are great for extended typing. A backlit keyboard is also available.

Most Rugged Business Laptop: Lenovo's ThinkPad T450s.

The T450s has a battery that lasts over 12 hours of continuous browsing and it weighs less than 4 lbs, so it is ideal for business trips and travel. Its dimensions are 9.41 ” x 9. 15 ” x .83, ” so it is compact and the screen is on the smaller side.

5th gen Intel Core processors deliver excellent computing power and its SSD drives are top of the line.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad T450 is available from Amazon for about $640.

12 thoughts on “The Best Ruggedized Laptop Of 2020”

  1. I just ordered a Lenovo T580 last December.
    The newer T series look nothing like my older L4xx, T510 etc.
    They are the same average laptops you can buy from anyone else, except the hefty price tag.
    It stopped working after 3 days after a simple BIOS change.
    Fought really hard for almost 2 months with Lenovo’s delivery affiliates before I could get a refund.
    Loooong story short: My advice is to avoid them if you can.

  2. Nowadays everything is being made of water-resistant and dustproof, and Lenovo has brought the new ThinkPad that is both water resistant and dustproof and this is a feature that every user is looking for. Apart from that redefining the Thinkpad is also a bold step by the company.

  3. Would love to put this laptop to ultimate test my 16yr Cyerbail Palsy, Autistic Son..His about as graceful as a bull in china shop..He drops things constantly not on purpose mind you. So if wanna see want kinda damage this bad boy will take an keep on working properly he would most diffentily be the one to let give it try..

    1. Have you found a.good sturdy laptop for your son? Looking for a good sturdy (indestructible) laptop for autistic grandson.

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