The Best Mouse Pad

In A Nutshell

The best mouse pad is the Artisan Hien mouse pad. This Japanese-made pad has a unique woven surface that allows for very precise mouse movement.

The Details

The Best Mouse Pad Of 2016

The mouse pad enthusiasts over at Reddit say that Artisan mouse pads are the best you can buy. What gives these mouse pads their edge is their woven surface. It’s a special polyester which provides a very precise reaction to mouse movements — useful for everyday computing or during game action. The fabric also resists dirt and moisture, and there is a non-slip material on the bottom of the mouse.

Artisan mouse pads come in four different level of friction. Here’s Artisan’s humorously translated description of these levels:

HARD: It is near the taste made of the plastic. However, it is not too hard like plastic.

MID: It is not soft. However, it is not hard. Light gliding and the stopping are good balances.

SOFT: Soft more than usual cloth pad. It stops in sharp. Stopping with rigidity feeling.

XSOFT: It is considerably soft. This flexibility provide the stopping performance on the surface.

Typically, the Soft or Mid levels are good for everyday mousing.

The Artisan Hien mouse pad is available from Amazon for about $20.

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