Plastic-Free Storage Jars and Containers

sweejar ceramic food storage jar set 2

These containers are completely plastic-free and made with ceramic and stoneware. Some of these containers contain gaskets made of silicone or rubber (both are non-plastic).

Sweejar Ceramic Food Storage Jars

Sweejar Ceramic Food Storage Jars are made of smooth porcelain. They have wooden lids and a rubber seal to ensure a true airtight seal.

Le Cruset Stoneware Jars

Le Cruset Stoneware Jars are made with stoneware that blocks moisture absorption and resists cracking and crazing.

Doerdo Ceramic Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

The Doerdo Ceramic Oil Dispenser Set includes a ceramic soy sauce dispenser bottle, two condiment storage jars, two ceramic spoons, and a bamboo tray.

The 250 ml ceramic soy sauce dispenser bottle has a cork stopper to isolate air and keep condiments fresh. The set is designed to be used for storing and dispensing cooking oils, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, and other condiments.

Vancasso Sabine Canister Sets for Kitchen

The Vancasso Sabine Canister Set is suitable for storing most ingredients such as coffee, flour, sugar, and pasta. It can also be a jar for bathroom storage.

Tabletops Gallery Ceramic Canister Set

Tabletops Gallery Ceramic Canister Set is made from stoneware and finished in a natural glaze for a water-tight seal. This glaze creates a non-porous layer making these sets virtually impermeable to liquid, stains, and odors.

American Recreations Canister Ceramic Set 

American Recreations Embossed Canister Ceramic Set is made of food-grade, non-toxic glass. Each Jar contains a silicone gasket and a bamboo lid.

Barnyard Designs Canister Sets

Barnyard Designs Canister Sets for Kitchen Counter

COCOYA Large Ceramics Jar with Lid

The Cocoya Large Ceramics Jar stores cookies, coffee beans, and dry food.