A List Of Borosilicate Glass Jars Available On Amazon

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass. This durability has made it the glass of choice of laboratories, wineries and high-end restaurants.

Most of the the containers listed here are categorized as “high borosilicate glass” (also known as hard glass). It a higher temperature resistance and strength than standard borosilicate glass.

Here are some borosilicate glass jars that can you can find on Amazon:

Large Borosilicate Glass Jar

Large High Borosilicate Glass Jar by Saiool — 1 Gallon — $26

Large Borosilicate Jars by

Large Borosilicate Jars — Set of 2 — $43

High Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Containers

High Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Airtight Food Storage Container — Set Of 4 — $24

Borosilicate Glass Jars With Clamping Lids

Borosilicate Glass Jars with Clamp Lid — Set of 2 — $38

Borosilicate Glass Jars

Borosilicate Clear Glass Jars — Set of 6 — $40

Le’raze High Borosilicate Glass Containers

Le’raze High Borosilicate Glass Containers — Set of 5 — $34

Balchy Borosilicate Glass Canisters

Balchy Boroscilicate Canisters — set of 4 – $40

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