The Best Airplay Projectors

Airplay projectors
  • The best full size AirPlay projector is the EUG 760+(A). It illuminates at 2600 lumens and can achieve up to 1920 x 1200 maximum resolution.
  • Update November 2016: These new projectors support AirPlay: ELEGIANT 1080P Projector  and the B2COOL Wifi Bluetooth Projector (via WiFi only)
  • This wireless projector doesn’t support Airplay but uses WiFi instead: WhaleStone WS46 (1200 lumens, $90)
  • The iCodis CB100W is the best all-around portable AirPlay projector. It weighs just 110g and has a max resolution of 1080p. (No longer recommended)

The Details

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary protocol for wirelessly streaming audio and video across a network. Compatible devices act as either a sender or receiver. With this innovative system, you can effortlessly transmit your music, videos or screen content wirelessly from a sending device and display it on a receiving device. No more need for a jumble of HDMI, USB, VGA wires to get something from one screen on to another.

There have been various implementations of Apple AirPlay since it was first introduced as AirTunes in 2004. Now, for the full AirPlay feature set, it is recommended that you stream content from an Apple device running iOS 4.3 (or later) or OSX Mountain Lion 10.8 (or later).

Your receiving device will also need to support AirPlay. The list of supporting devices is now huge, including popular devices such as Apple TV, Apple Airport Express, a wealth of speaker docks from suppliers like Bose, Sony and Philips, computers running AirPlay receiver software (like AirServer or Reflector) and Bluetooth devices that support A2DP.

Note that because not all third-party receivers implement Apple’s DRM encryption, some media, such as iTunes Store’s own rights-protected music (Apple’s own “FairPlay” encryption), YouTube and Netflix, cannot stream to those devices or software. On Apple TV starting with firmware 6.0, the “FairPlay” encryption scheme is enforced and sending devices not supporting it cannot be used.

Some receiving devices require the sending device to be running newer operating system revisions such as iOS 7.0 – be sure to check the specified operating system requirements of the sending device before you purchase an AirPlay receiving device.

The Best Full Sized AirPlay Projector: EUG 760+


The EUG 760+(A) is a full-size AirPlay-capable projector that offers a bright 2600 lumens and a 2500:1 contrast ratio. You can project an image up to five meters.

The projector has a built-in Android system, which extends its feature set far beyond most projectors. External USB drives up to 1TB are supported, and an HDMI input makes the EUG 760+(A) more versatile in the office than our other options. It can be installed in a front, rear or ceiling configuration and has a long LED life length – over 50000 hours. If you’re not planning on going on the move with your projector and don’t mind its larger size, the Airplay-compatible EUG 760+(A) may be your best option overall.

Here’s the manufacturer’s instructions for using AirPlay:

  • Enter into projector’s Android mode.
  • Go to “Mirroring” on desktop and open “Airplay”, or directly find and open “Happy Cast” apps in “My Apps”
  • Operate iOS device, tune out the control center. The system will auto detect nearby connectable devices. When the projector’s device name shows up, click it to enter into Airplay setting
  • Click the device name to connect. Then toggle the “Mirror” button to enable mirroring. The iOS device screen will be shown on the projector’s screen.

The Best AirPlay Pico Projector

best airplay projectors

Update: This device will not play streaming sites like Netflix, so I’m removing my recommendation.

An updated version of the popular CB100 projector, the iCodis CB100W is a diminutive (110 grams) device aimed at those on the go.

With no HDMI input, the CB100W is designed to be used almost exclusively as a wireless projector, although like the iDea Pico you can use an SD card or USB drive with the CB100W. The built-in battery is 1800mAh – excellent for the projector’s size but offering a shorter usage time than the iDea Pico Projector. Expect more like 45 minutes of battery-only usage before the CB100W needs to be plugged in.
The CB100W supports iOS 7.0 (and above) for AirPlay support.

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  1. I feel like I’m searching for a unicorn. IOS, bluetooth sound connection, portable, long battery life, 120″, min 300 lumens, auto keystone. Reading all the reviews and it’s hard to decide which is the best option.

  2. I’m on the hunt for a projector to use with an iOS device (as well as MacBook) that I can mirror the desktop and also use with Netflix and Amazon. Does such a device exist? The LG PH300 does not seem to be HDCP compliant and errors when trying to view Netflix via an iOS device. Thanks!

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