The Best Micro Projectors Of 2016

best micro projectors

Update September 2016: The LG Minibeam PH550 projector now appears to be brightest (500 lumens) battery-powered micro projector. I will be testing it soon. It is said to produce a sharp 720 HD picture.

  • The best micro projector currently available is the iCODIS CB-300 Pico Projector. This two pounds device is high portable yet it produces impressive video and sound. It delivers 1800 lumens projection and Android functionality with built-in speakers.
  • The most portable micro projector that is still worth considering is the Coocheer Pocket Projector.

The Details: Micro Projectors

Micro projectors, also known as pico projectors or pocket projectors, have benefited from recent advancements in LED technology. When they first appeared on the market, pico projectors were a neat parlor trick but ultimately useless in all but the most ideal conditions. Lumen count and contrast have since increased, leading to clearer picture quality and larger projection sizes.

Micro projectors are ideal for work presentations and impromptu movie nights, but be realistic in your expectations before purchasing one. Many micro projectors do not come with built in speakers or HD video quality. These tend to be cheaper and smaller, fine for casting an Excel spreadsheet but useless if your goal is to play video games in the dorm room. I’ve found that a high lumen count is the single most important factor to consider when choosing a micro projector. Without enough brightness, its utility is seriously limited. Other factors to keep in mind include whether the projector requires an external power source, screen resolution, portability and audio.

A Micro Projector That’s Quite Bright: The iCodis CB-300

best micro projectors

No matter what you want need your micro projector to do, iCODIS CB-300 can handle it. Not only is it among the brightest micro projectors currently available at 1800 lumens, it features a slew of smart features that make your life easier.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, a Micro HDMI port, 2 USB ports, and a mini USB port. It has a 6000 mAh internal battery that can last for 2 hours, and a 12V plug for an external power source if you require longer performance.

CB-300 acts a lot like a tablet or smart TV, thanks to Android OS 4.4 powered by built in CPU. You can watch videos from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu directly from the projector, a unique and incredibly convenient feature.

Best of all, your movies will play in HD. The CB-300 is a 720p projector that can play 1080p files and has as a 16:9 screen ratio. It can focus up to 18 yards, but is better at closer. The screen display gets to around an impressive¬†75.”

Apple users have reported some difficulty streaming through the HDMI. Also, the device is a very portable 2lbs and 5″ by 5,” but it is not exactly pocket sized.

The Most Portable Micro Projector

best micro projectors

If you need a micro projector that is truly pocket sized, go for Coocheer’s DLP Projector. While some micro projectors are as small as coins, they are worthless for projecting an image worth seeing. Coocheer gives you a respectable 100-200 lumens using an Android 4.4 OS in an ultra-thin design that will fit in your (large) pocket. It also has a built in 5000mAh rechargeable battery.

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