Ecosystem Notebooks: Made In U.S. With 100% Recycled Paper

Ecosystem in a company in New York that makes notebooks out of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. This means the paper used to make the notebooks was collected from U.S. household recycling bins. The notebooks include features like a back pocket, perforated pages, an organic cotton bookmark, and an elastic closure.

The notebooks also include codes that allow you find the origins the paper used to construct them.

The notebooks are available with blank, ruled, lined and squared paper.

You can find them on from Amazon for about $14.




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  1. FYI: I recently purchased a new Ecosystem notebook at Barnes & Noble, and went online to enter the code. An error message popped up, so I contacted the company. I was told that the codes are no longer valid for tracking the notebooks. However, the code from my older notebook is still accessible.

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