10 Titanium Pocket Tools

Ah titanium! It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal — approximately 40% stronger and 40% lighter than stainless steel. It’s also highly corrosion-resistant — even when exposed to sea water and chlorine. Oceanographers report that titanium immersed for 30 years in saltwater produces no measurable corrosion. This is because titanium forms a protective oxide film instantly, when it’s exposed to a trace of air or water.

All of these attributes make titanium an ideal metal for constructing durable pocket tools. However, note that many products labeled “titanium” are just titanium colored, or they only contain a thin coating of titanium. The tools listed here are made with solid titanium or an alloy containing more than 90% titanium.

Leatherman Charge TTi Titanium Multi-Tool

Weight: 8.2 ounces (232 grams)
Titanium Type: Alloyed Titanium Handles, S30V Stainless Steel Blades

The Charge TTi Titanium Multi-Tool by Leatherman is one of the few multi-tools that incorporates titanium into its construction. This tool has titanium handles and a titanium outer coating for extra strength, and a little bit less weight.

You can get the Charge TTi Titanium Multi-Tool on Amazon for about $150.

Titanium Inka Pen

Weight: 0.45 ounces (12.7 grams)
Titanium Type: Solid Titanium

The Titanium Inka Pen is designed to be attached to a keychain. Weighing just 0.45 ounces, the pen’s case is constructed with titanium, the and pen components are built from carbon fiber composite. It has a pressurized ink cartridge, which means the pen will write wet or dry at any angle, any temperature, and any altitude. If you’re going to be writing for some time, you can unscrew the stainless steel fob and reconfigure your pen into Full-Size mode.

The pen is made by Inka, a company based in Colorado, and created by Greg Adelman, a former marine engineer who worked for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Refills for this pen are available for about $4.

The Titanium Inka Pen is available from Amazon for about $32. You can get a stainless steel version for about $20.

Schrade Titanium Keychain Pry Tool

Weight: 0.5 ounces (14 grams)
Titanium Type: 6AL-4V Titanium Alloy

This Titanium Key Chain Pry Tool by Schrade is made with solid 6AL-4V titanium — an alloy that is stronger than pure titanium (the exact chemical composition is: 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium, 0.25% iron, 0.2% oxygen, and the remainder titanium).

This is 6-in-One tool, it’s: a seal belt cutter, a bottle opener, a flat head screw driver, a wrench driver, a scraper, and a pry tool. It weighs just 0.5 ounces, and it’s 3.25″ long (8.2 cm).

 The Titanium Key Chain Pry Tool is available on Amazon for about $20.

Titanium Split Pea Lighter

Weight: 0.5 ounces (14.3 Grams)
Titanium Type: 6AL4V Series Titanium Grade 5 Alloy

The Titanium Split Pea Lighter can be used as an candle in an emergency and carried on your keychain. A removable lighter insert allows it to be used as a waterproof titanium pill vial. It sells for $30 from County Comm.

Titanium Split Ring

Titanium split ring can be used as the ultralight base of a keychain. You can find titanium split rings at the County Comm Store (3 for $6) or Berkeley Point ($5 – $6 each).

Titanium Money Clip

Weight: 1 ounce (28 grams)
Titanium Type: Pure Titanium

Weighing one ounce, this Titanium Money Clip is a lightweight version of the usual stainless steel money clip. It’s available on Amazon for about $50.

Arc AAA Titanium Keychain Flashlight

Weight: 0.95 ounces (including battery)
Titanium Type: 6Al-4V (Ti-64) Titanium Alloy

Designed for keychains, Arc-AAA flashlights are barely larger than the AAA batteries they contain. The exact dimension are: 2.5 inches in length, 0.5 inches in diameter, and 0.95 ounces in weight (including battery). The Arc-AAA is made in Phoenix, Arizona by Arc Flashlights. The company only makes keychain-sized flashlights, and put a lot of attention into the design of their lights (see the FAQ page for all the technical details).

The three titanium models range in price from $125 to $140.

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  1. I am interested in these three tools

    – shifting spanner
    – side cutters
    – adjustable pliers

    For the beginning i would only like one of each to test the products and once i see there is potential i would like to manufacture 100 of each.

    Could you kindly advise if you already offer these tools in titanium ? If so please provide a price list. If not kindly advise if you offer the services to assist me in my venture.

    Kindest regards,
    Gina Levi

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