The Best Windproof and Freezeproof Lighters

best windproof lighter

In A Nutshell

The best windproof lighter is the Zippo Armor.

This windproof, liquid-fueled lighter won’t freeze in cold temperatures. It has a lifetime warranty and is available in dozens of colors and themes.

The Details: The Best Windproof Lighter

The Best Windproof Lighter: Zippo Armor

A windproof lighter is a handy tool to have around. You can use it to start a campfire when out in the woods; it’s handy to have when working on a project in your shop; and also great for lighting those Fourth of July fireworks. But a tool is only as good as its reliability. An when it comes to determining the reliability of a product, my motto is “simpler is better.” So when it comes to choosing the best windproof lighter, the Zippo Armor is the clear winner.

Zippo has been making lighters since 1932, so the company knows its way around a lighter. And their design hasn’t changed much since the first one that came off the assembly line. Their lighters are simple, bombproof and extremely reliable.

They’re fuelled by Zippo’s proprietary lighter fluid, which is poured into the bottom case, where it’s absorbed into the fluffy rayon balls stuffed in there. The nature of this liquid fuel system makes Zippo lighters naturally freeze-resistant.

In the realm of wind resistance, Zippo’s ability to deliver fuel consistently via its wick and the screen that encases said wick make it almost impossible for wind to extinguish the flame on one of these lighters. And because there’s no button that needs to be held down, it’s easy to keep the flame burning. You could even set the lighter down on a flat surface and use both hands if necessary.

Along with a lifetime warranty that offers you a free repair for your lighter if it ever breaks, Zippo’s parts are highly replaceable. That includes; the flints, wicks, rayon balls, and other internal parts.

As if a regular Zippo isn’t tough enough, cases on the Armor models are 50 per cent thicker than the average Zippo. That’s a super handy feature, especially if you ever need your lighter to stop a bullet.

Add to that the fact that Zippo Armor lighters are available in a mind-boggling array of styles, designs, colors and prices – and you’ve got one of the best, most reliable lighters available anywhere.

Zippo Armor is available from Amazon for about $18.

An Alternative


The Windmill Classic Stormproof All Weather Lighter is said to stand up to 70-80 mph winds. It has an elastomer armor that helps protect it against impacts and drops.

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