Buy It For Life: The Converto Bike

In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S.

Originally designed by Tony Anthony in 1949, the Converto Bike is a solid aluminum tricycle that converts into a bicycle in minutes. When your child is ready for a two wheeler, simply remove rear axle and place one of the wheels into the rear fork. The bike has very sturdy steel and cast-aluminum alloy frame that prevents rust.

The inventor of this bike, Tony Anthony, worked as a engineer for Northrop, and used his knowledge of aluminum to fabricate the cast aluminum tricycles. The Converto Bike is now made by Angeles company in Missouri.

It comes with a five year guarantee against defect parts, and a lifetime guarantee on the fork and frame.

You can buy the Converto Bike on Amazon for about $288.

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  1. We just found the one we had as children cleaning out my dad’s shop. I think they had it for my brother before I was born, so it is at least 47 years old. It is in fair condition, just dusty and dirty.

    If anyone wants it…. $125 + shipping.

  2. As one of the grandchildren to Tom Anthony, please get the back story right. You are way off track. Please email me at
    I would be more than happy to help you tell the story about my grandfather. I see some of you are curious about parts. Unfortunately there aren’t any parts left that we can sell. But I might be able to shed some light on where to get a replacement part or what can be done as a substitute for repairs. I spent summers building these trikes in what my grandfather called the factory. Haha! Anyhow thanks for taking the time to read my long winded comment.

  3. Just got one of these today from my niece , she said it is her husbands and he got it as a child. It was just sitting on their porch and she asked me if I wanted it , because she knows I have a couple of old wagons as I use for decoration in front of my house . Pretty cool little trike and in great shape too.

  4. We are a school in Napa and looking to buy broken, used, new converto tricycles. Please email me to pemabray at gmail dot com or contact me on Facebook.

    Paul Mabray

    1. i just bought a vintage convert-o tricycle and it needs ballbearings where the front forks are i don’t know how or take apart any help would be very appreciated thank you FRED

  5. i bought a Converto for my daughter 20 years ago and it was assembled the first time by the dealer. He had a love for vintage bikes but more so for the peddle vehicles. This bike has the yellow sticker on the fork and I was hoping you could give me information on how to date them. It is in great condition and was hung in the garage until my grandson began riding it very recently. Best trike ever! I call it a stealth bomber because it is completely silent when you roll it……I traded it for a trike I had just restored completely but was having some problems with the chrome work on the handlebars peeling. I saw this bike in his shop and immediately hustled a trade! How do you identify the age? Thanks Mary Jo

    1. Yes it is dated correctly. The bikes were found in a warehouse that had yet been assembled. It has the yellow and black label where as the newer ones have the red and black. It was my daughters and then my grandson’s trike. I purchased it from a wonderful young man’s whose passion was vintage bikes of all kinds including a huge collection of peddler vehicles……..

    2. Hi. The Age was stamped on a little plate that was on the back of the trike. Also people get confused as to the manufacturer date. Alot of people think its the yellow and black sticker on the back of the step plate that reads A- 1945. Here’s the funny thing the A stands for the suite # and the 1945 was the address number on the building where it was being built. If you would like anymore info please see my comment below for contact info

  6. I don’t think your history is exactly correct. I still have a “Tri-Bike” that my parents bought me in 1947. It’s in pretty good condition for the wear it has seen. It’s on the third generation of service.

  7. I need a crank and pedal or just the pedal for a concerto bike. Angeles is not selling them anymore. Please let me know if you know where I can find one. Thank you…Trudiee

    1. You can remove the bearings and take one to an industrial bearing store, Chuck. They will be able to measure it and match it up to one in their catalog and/or stock. Not a big deal at all.

      If you’re unable to remove the bearings, a machine shop can do it for you.

  8. Have a Convert-O bike/tricycle, it is in very good condition. There is not date or stamp on it anywhere that I can see, have pictures of it. What is it worth? Thank you.

  9. Please send me an updated price for a convert O bike, Also a front wheel and axle for same

    Bill Norman
    3429 east valley parkway
    Escondido, Calif. 92027

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