A List Of Goods Still Made In The USA

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Here’s a list of well-designed products still made in the United States. I focus mostly on mainstream goods, rather than specialized products. If only certain products are US-made, you’ll see a “(only selected products)” note.

Jeans Made In The U.S.

Accessories Made In The U.S.

Luggage Made In The U.S.

Clothing Made In The U.S.

Footware Made In The U.S.

Tools Made In The U.S.

Audio Gear Made In The U.S.

  • Audio by Van Alstine — Woodbury, MN — preamplifiers, amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters, and phase inverters
  • Ayre Acoustics, Inc. — Boulder, CO — full line of audio and video components
  • Audeze — Headphones
  • Car Audio Factory — Richmond, TX — subwoofer enclosers
  • Carr Amplifiers — Pittsboro, NC — guitar amplifiers, made by guitarists for guitarists.
  • CI Audio — Port Hueneme, CA — headphone amplifiers, monoblock amplifiers, and power supplies.
  • Fargen Amps — Sacramento, CA — all tube (not solid-state) guitar and bass amplifiers
  • Grado Labs — Brooklyn, NY — high-quality headphones and phono cartridges (their SR80-i is one of the best headphones under $100)
  • KCS Loudspeakers — Sun Prairie, WI — custom horn loudspeakers
  • Klipsch –  Hope, AR – audio gear
  • Koss Headphones – Milwaukee, WI – headphones
  • Manley Labs — Chino, CA — Hi-Fi and professional recording gear
  • McIntosh Labs — Binghamton, NY: fine audio and home theater sound systems
  • Mohu, Inc. — Raleigh, NC — makers of the LeafTM, a USA-made indoor HDTV antenna
  • Moog Music — Ashville, NC — miniMoog Voyager analog monosynth, MoogerFooger guitar pedals, and Etherwave theremin
  • Ohm Acoustics — Brooklyn, NY — high-end speakers for audio and home theater applications
  • Orb Audio — Sherman Oaks, CA — Mod1 and Mod2 satellite speakers for flat screen and home theater applications, handmade in the USA. “Small Speakers for Smart People”
  • Schitt Audio – Audio Gear
  • Synthesizers.com — Tyler, TX — modular analog music synthesizers, assembled in USA with domestic and imported components
  • SVS — Ohio — speakers and subwoofers for music and home theater
  • Wavefront Technologies — Los Angeles, CA — theremin musical instruments and accessories
  • Westone — Colorado — Earphones
  • Woo Audio — New York — amps
  • Zinky Electronics — Flagstaff, AZ — electric guitar amplifiers & accessories

Camping Equipment Made In The U.S.

  • American Outdoors — coolers, boat totes, camp chairs, etc.
  • Arc Flashlight —Phoenix, AZ — LED pocket flashlights that run on a single AAA battery
  • Awl for All —Arlington Hts., IL — indispensable wooden-handled awl for repairing leather, canvas, and vinyl outdoor gear
  • Butler Bags —Cedar City, UT — sleeping bags, bedrolls, and gear bags
  • Cascade Designs —Seattle, WA — manufacturer of camping gear of all sorts (including Therm-a-rest self-inflating camping mattresses, MSR camping stoves)
  • Equinox. —Williamsport, PA — makers of ultralight backpacking gear, including sleeping bags, tarps, ponchos packs, and totes
  • EZ-Sales and Mfg. —Gardena, CA— American-made hammocks, folding aluminum camp chairs, cots, and canteens (only selected products)
  • Feathered Friends —Seattle, WA — sleeping bags, outwear, and comforters
  • Fuerte Cases —La Mesa, CA — waterproof protective cases for laptops, PDAs, firearms
  • Kirkham’s Outdoor Products —Salt Lake City, UT — manufacturer of Springbar and AAA canvas wall tents
  • Nalgene —Rochester, NY — water bottles, bike bottles, travel mugs, and other “hydration necessities” (only selected products)
  • Northern Lites —Wausau, WI — high-tech, lightweight snowshoes for all uses, from racing to hiking
  • Open Country Campware — aluminum camp ware kits, plates, pots, and canteens made by Metal Ware Corp. (Two Rivers, WI)
  • Outdoor Research —Seattle, WA — shelter systems, headwear, gaiters/footwear, and storage systems/stuff sacks (only selected products)
  • Princeton Tec — headlamps, outdoor gear, bikes lights
  • Purcell Trench Mfg — Addy, WA —ultra-lightweight camping grills and tarp shelters
  • REI — Kent, Washington — outdoor equipment  (only selected products – see their “Made In USA” section)
  • TarpTent —Redwood City, CA —ultralight, mobile shelters made with US materials in Seattle, WA
  • Tektite —Trenton,NJ — LED flashlights and lanterns, divelights, and marker lights

Bikes Made In The U.S.

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  1. If you are still updating this list, you can add Magnepan. They made some of the finest speakers in the world in Minnesota.


    You can also remove Ernest Alexander from the luggage selection — they pretend to be a New York company, but source from China now.

    You can add Jack Georges ( https://www.jackgeorges.com/ ) who make luggage in New Jersey, and Go Forth Goods ( https://www.goforthgoods.com/ ) who do the same in Georgia.

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  7. Also Labconco (laboratory construction co.) build world renowned lab equipment, glove boxes, fume hoods, laminar flow (scrubbers, filters etc for hospitals & labs around the world!
    Labconco is in KcMo – also Sioux Chief (brass works/plumbing fixtures products etc) south of Kc!

    But American, especially mom & pops!

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