The Best Scuba Masks For Visibility

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These are the best scuba masks for visibility:

A scuba trip can take you to the  tranquil waters of a Caribbean cove or to the murky depths of the Scottish aisles. But no matter the environment, you will need a quality scuba mask to take in your surroundings. Cheap masks fog up or obstruct your view with a narrow field of vision and low-quality tinted glass. When choosing a scuba mask, only comfort matters more than visibility.

There are two main styles of scuba mask: multi-lens and single-lens. Multi-lens masks have two separate lenses divided by a nose bridge. They are easier to clear and can be outfitted with corrective lenses, but have a narrower field of view. Therefore, single lenses tend to offer better visibility.

Best Overall Scuba Mask for Visibility: Tusa M1001 FREEDOM HD

best scuba mask for visibility

The M1001 Freedom HD is a framed single lens mask with an incredible field of view: 6 inches across and 3 inches from top to bottom. The immense lens provides panoramic near uninterrupted viewing, with some divers stating that they can’t even see the top of the mask. Its wide field of view earned the top score in Scuba Diving magazine’s 2016 best mask round up.

Because of its large circumference, the Tusa Freedom HD is ideal for people with large heads and big noses. Usually, the big-nosed will have to settle for a two-lens option to comfortably fit their face. The mask also has 180 degree adjustable buckles that bend outward and inward to fit your face and help for storage.

The mask is quality made and the supple silicon clings effortlessly to your face. The skirt has dimples that soften the silicon and molds to the face, decreasing the chance of a leak. It also has stability ridges that hold the mask skirt in shape as you descend.

After the normal treatment (a rubdown on the lens with abrasive toothpaste) there are no problems with fog.

Best Frameless Scuba Mask For Visibility: Atomic Frameless 2

best scuba mask for visibility

Frameless single lens scuba masks offer unobstructed panoramic view for unmatched visibility. The Atomic Frameless 2 is among the best frameless masks currently on the market, popular among divers for its thoughtful design and luscious comfort.

The mask earns top marks in visibility for two reasons. First, the lens is constructed with a glass designed to maximize optical quality without color distortion. Most scuba masks have a green tint as a result of iron impurities. This green tint distorts light transmission and blocks true colors, a bummer when you are trying to take in the majestic panorama of exotic fish and flora. Atomic uses “ULTRACLEAR Lenses,” which offer clear and distortion free view.  This allows 99% light transfer, which makes a world of difference underwater when compared to cheap green view.

The second reason that this scuba mask is great for visibility is its wide design. Like the Freedom HD, this mask is extra-wide for a panoramic view. While not as wide on top, it still surpasses most low volume masks with a wide field of vision.

In addition to visibility, this is a real comfortable mask to wear. It uses high quality super soft silicone which seals effortlessly to your face. In fact, the whole mask is made of high quality materials for high durability and resistance to accident.  Atomic also offers the mask in three sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your face.

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