The Thinnest Tablet

Thinnest Tablet
  • The thinnest tablet under 9″ is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. It is just .22 inches (5.6mm) thick and weighs .58 pounds. It costs $349.
  • The thinnest 12” tablet running Windows is the Toshiba dynaPad. It is .27 inches thick and weighs only 1.28 pounds. The dynaPad is available for pre-order starting at $569.


The world’s thinnest tablet in the “mini” category, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, runs Android 5.0 (Lollipop) OS and has a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution. Its Quad 1.9GHz Intel processor and 32 GB Flash Memory makes it a capable machine for browsing the internet and for running apps from the Google Play Store.

The AMOLED display delivers the vibrant, lifelike colors with deep contrast and rich display that consumers have come to expect from Samsung’s flagship line of portable electronics. The Galaxy S2’s rear-facing 8-megapixel camera takes reasonably good pictures, although your phone likely has a better camera. Its battery life also leaves something to be desired. The battery lasts six hours on average.

The Galaxy’s most attractive feature is, of course, its svelte figure. At .22,” it is even thinner than the iPad Air 2. Other perks such as Samsung’s exclusive Smart Switch software and fingerprint scanning round out the tablet.


Samsung also offers a 9.7” edition of the Galaxy Tab S2.

The Thinnest Tablet Running Windows: Toshiba dynaPad


While the Android OS is fine for entertainment purposes, you will want a tablet with Windows OS if you intend to do serious work on your tablet. Think of the Galaxy Tab as an over-sized smartphone and of the dynaPad as an undersized laptop.

The dynaPad packs much more impressive hardware in its extra .05” of thickness. It runs the powerful Intel Atom CPU and has 4GB of RAM and 65GB of internal storage. Engadget writes:

“The 1.28-pound tablet feels at once luxuriously light and reassuringly well-built. The secret ingredient is a carbon fiber frame that’s coated in a soft, rubbery paint that makes the device easier to grip than a big-screen tablet ought to be. It also helps that the device has a mix of rounded corners and flat, slightly chamfered edges.”

It has Gorilla glass screen, which is resistant to scratches and cracks, and a sturdy carbon-fiber frame. The dynaPad’s durability is a great asset for an ultrathin tablet, because it doesn’t require a bulky case for protection.


The dynaPad is now available for pre-order and will be sold online and in Windows stores later this month.

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