The Most Durable Umbrella Available

Durable Umbrella

Our choice for the most durable umbrella is the LifeTek Travel Professional Umbrella.

This umbrella sports a windproof canopy that is made with a 210T micro-weave fabric coated with a water-repellent Teflony. It also comes equipped with UV blocking technology that dispels cancer-causing waves.

The Lifetek costs around $35 and it comes with a 2 year warranty, making it a more affordable purchase than other umbrellas in the same category.

The Details

Every aspect of Lifetek design is engineered to withstand the elements. Its 9-rib frame is constructed from steel, high-grade resin, and wind-resistant fiberglass. Standard umbrellas come equipped with 6-8 ribs, and the Lifetek’s extra rib adds to the umbrella’s durability. Premium chain stitching secures the ribs to the umbrella canopy, and the ribs are invulnerable to rust and deterioration.

The canopy arc has a coverage diameter of 39 inches, so it is best for individual use. I did find that it is wide enough to fit an intimate two, though I wouldn’t rely on this umbrella to keep yourself and a work acquaintance dry. The umbrella is 11.5 inches long when closed, so it can fit in a large purse, backpack, or suitcase. It weighs 15 oz.

The automatic open feature is very responsive. Its rubberized grip handle is ergonomic and feels secure, but is less stylish than some luxury models. The Lifetek is available in three colors: black, red, and blue.

I do wish the frame was a little longer, but that is a necessary sacrifice for a travel-sized umbrella. Most importantly, it keeps you completely dry in all but the most intense of storms.

The Lifetek is available from Amazon for around $35.

Other Alternatives


The GustBuster Pro Series Gold is a good option for those who want a larger diameter umbrella. The Gustbuster is a golf umbrella that is broad enough to comfortably shelter two or three people. It has a double-canopy design that is tested to withstand wind up to 55-miles per hour. Its all-fiberglass frame is rustproof and flexible.

The GustBuster Pro Series Gold is available on Amazon for about $45.

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