Vers iPod Dock: Handcrafted In The U.S.

Vers is a company in Maine that makes handcrafted iPod docks from Walnut and Bamboo. Their latest dock for iPods and iPhones incorporates an AM/FM radio and an alarm clock.

I’ve owned a Vers dock for about three years, I’m pleased with the sound of the speakers. The reproduction is clear, and the sound certainly fills a room. Vers says the thick wooden enclosure allows to the dock produce a richer sound than a dock constructed with plastic.

Vers also aims to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer — they are a Carbon Free partner,  Energy Star partner, and participate in the e-Stewart recycling program. You can read about the company’s mission here.

All Vers sound systems carry a one year warranty against defects relating to materials and workmanship.

The Vers iPod dock is available from Amazon for about $200.

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