A List Of Non-Toxic Oil Paint Supplies For Artists

Listed here are non-toxic supplies for oil painters. Most of these paints are made in the USA using high-end ingredients.

Gamblin Artist Colors: Handmade in the USA with Natural Ingredients

Gamblin makes small batches of oil paints in Oregon. They make their paint using only raw pigments and natural linseed oil.

Chelsea Classic Studio: Refined Natural Ingredients

Chelsea Classic Studio makes painting supplies using lavender spike oil essence.

No harsh chemicals are used in their production. They contain no petroleum, no turpentine, and no fumes. Instead, they have a distinctive lavender scent.

They’re prepared by hand using premium natural materials and formulas based on historic recipes and techniques.

Natural Earth Paint: Non-Toxic and Traditionally Made

Natural Earth Paint is a very green company that makes paints with natural minerals.

This paint kit is available on Amazon:

M. Graham & Co. Paints

M. Graham makes solvent-free oil paints.

Winsor & Newton Paints

Winsor & Newton offers many non-toxic paints and supplies.

Daniel Smith Paints

Daniel Smith paints are free of toxic solvents.

Books About Non-Toxic Art Supplies

Other Non-Toxic Art Supplies

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