The Brightest LED Bulb Of 2024

brightest led bulb
  • The Brightest Overall LED Bulb: The 10,000-lumen Sansi Bulb (65 Watts)
  • The Brightest “Warm White” LED Bulb: The SANSI 27W A21 Dimmable LED Light Bulb. This bulb is warm white and produces 4000 lumens using only 27 Watts.
  • The Brightest LED Grow Light: 20W LED Bulb by Haus Bright produces 4000-5000 lumens
  • The Brightest For Warehouses & Outdoor Fixtures (5000K Temperature): This bulb is rated at 32400 lumens. It costs about $145.

The Brightest LED Bulb Overall

The SANSI 65W LED Light Bulb is very bright, producing 10,000 lumens. Because it is a non-dimmable daylight-style bulb, it is probably best suited to garages and warehouses.

The Brightest “Warm White” LED Bulb

brightest=warm white bulb

The SANSI 27W A21 Dimmable LED Light Bulb is a warm white bulb and produces 4000 lumens. I have one in the laundry room and it produces a very bright pleasing illumination. I wasn’t able to install it in a ceiling fan fixture, because it was slightly too large.

The Brightest Standard Size LED Bulb: Philips 5000 Lumen Bulb

The Philips 5000 LED Light Bulb is rated at 5000 lumens, making it the brightest standard-sized (A21) LED light bulb on the market. It uses 43 Watts and it has a 5000K color temperature (daylight white). It is suitable for outdoor areas and garages. If you need a warm white bulb for interiors, see the Philips bulb below.

The Brightest Standard Size Warm White LED Bulb

Philips led lamp 13 en 18 watt-500x554_0

The Philips 100w Equivalent LED Bulb is another standard-size household bulb available. It uses 13.5 watts of power to produce 1500 lumens of warm white light. I have many of these in my home, and they produce excellent quality light (the CRI is 80). These bulbs are also dimmable and rated to last 22.8 years.

Bright LEDs: Few Notes On Color Quality

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a numerical system that rates the “color rendering” ability of light bulbs in comparison to natural daylight. If a light has a low color rendering index of 50, it does not render colors very well. If the lamp has a color rendering index of 80 – 95, which is very good to excellent.

The Color Temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). Low color temperature implies warmer (more yellow/red) light while high color temperature implies a colder (more blue) light. Moreover, the “color temperature” of a lamp refers to how reddish, greenish, or bluish the lamp appears. If the lamp appears reddish, it has a lower color temperature (e.g., 2500K-3000K) and is considered to be “warm” in appearance. If the lamp appears to be bluish, it has a higher color temperature (e.g., 4000K-4500K) and is considered to be “cool” in appearance.

Warm White: 2500 K to 3000 K
Cool White: 4000 K to 4500 K
Daylight: 6200 K to 6800 K

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  1. I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

  2. If the current lighting feels unnatural, swapping in even brighter bulbs will make it feel even more unnatural. The better solution is to look into adding more light sources and not just brighter bulbs. Can you swap out fixtures? If not, adding lamps would be a good option.

    There is virtually no reason to ever use CFL bulbs anymore. LED is better in every way.

    As for color temperature, higher doesn’t mean brighter, it just means a different color. I prefer warm white for indoors; 2700-3000k.

    1. I need a very bright, LED light for a Tiffany style table lamp. Preferably one that doesn’t get hot, is no more than 5 inches long (including base) and doesn’t “glow” when off. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Your instinct, which made you incredulous and made ask that question, is correct.
      It’s what is, in clinical terms, “marketing BS” made up to try and justify to the consumer the exponentially higher cost of these bulbs.

  3. I replaced all the 12v interior lights in my 5th wheel with GRB 921 LEDs that very bright and don’t get hot. During installation, I felt that I needed to wiggle the bulb into place and keep it very straight. The led seems to have a flex spot where the white plastic base ends and where the bulb paddle starts, but they all installed well and worked for an initial test.

    1. AOKEzl 921 bulbs are very inexpensive at 20 bulbs for around $13. I have experience with camera lighting and the term CRI means color rendering index. That is the spectrum of colors carried in the while light. These are low CRI so skin tones don’t look fantastic but they are well worth it and that is a subtle trade-off. Also, these are a great price compared to camping stores.

    1. This is a very bright bulb — SANSI LED (3500 lumens). If that bulb is too bright or too much of an eye sore, there’s this bulb: LOHAS LED (2500 lumens). People recommend using a “daylight” bulb for make-up instead of “warm white”. Daylight bulbs simulate outdoor sunlight conditions. The SANSI bulb mentioned above comes in both types.

  4. I’m slowly going blind so I require BRIGHT light in order to read. 150 watt equivalent doesn’t cut it. GE’s 3 way of 50 / 200 / 250 watt incandescent (590/3335/3925 lumens) meets my needs. And probably the needs of millions of other older people. So, where are the LED bulbs that are this bright and don’t need a Mogul base but will fit the standard E26 base?

  5. Hi Interesting article.

    I think you have overlooked a bulb which fits multiple catagories in this listing, the Tala Light Engine:
    It is designed as a replacement for Halogen 150-250W.
    The 3 versions cover 1000-3000lm and it has Dim-to-Warm functionality 2200-2700K CRI 95

    Lux review recently reviewed it as “This is a beast of an entirely different pedigree. Everything about it says I Am A Serious Bit Of Kit. ”

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  7. Looking for the highest lumen A15 bulb to fit in a ceiling fan (in warm white – 2500 to 3000k). The ceiling fan has candelabra base inputs and right now I have candelabra CFL’s that have 800 Lumens each. Philips used to make a candelabra CFL with 1600 lumens but has discontinued that bulb. The ceiling fan has 3 bulbs and at 800 lumens a bulb, 2,400 lumens is just not bright enough for a living room. My choice is to find a brighter candelabra base bulb, or put in a candelabra to A base converter for standard bulb bases, but that would only leave enough room within the globe for an A15 size bulb. Thoughts?

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    I am burning out my eyes trying to find the max light for an E12 candelabra base and a 7 watt limit. So far, 650 lumens has been it, and not on any local shelf! Cree said they passed 300 lm/w, but their offering was a 350 Lumen 5 watt 40 watt equivalent!

  10. No. I have 2 Kobi Electric K5L1 30-watt bulbs which are brighter at 2700K. Standard BR40. 2600 lumens per. But if you want to use 5000K corn cob bulbs you can get them all the way up to 20,000 lumens @180W

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