Stainless Steel French Press by Bodum

Bodum, the Danish kitchenware maker, is world-renowned for their French Presses. Most Bodum presses are made with borosilicate glass, which is tough glass, but it is still prone to breakage (I broke three glass presses in two years). However, Bodum does make a double-walled, Stainless Steel French Press. Because it made with 100% stainless steel, this press can withstand drops and rough handling.

With its double walls,  Stainless Steel French Press also acts like a insulated thermos. The coffee enthusiasts at Sweet Marias say this French Press is their recommend choice. However, they do not recommend leaving the brewed coffee in the press for longer than 5 minutes, because:

The double-walled polished chrome “thermo press” keeps the water hot during brewing, which is a definite advantage, though we really don’t recommend that you store your coffee in it after you have pressed the pot.

Why? Because to some degree the coffee continues to brew, and after about 15 minutes it will start to have a “over-extracted” flavor. So buy this press because you are as clumsy as I am, and are tired of breaking the glass on other presses. (Now that Bodum makes an unbreakable beaker, you have that option too.)

You can buy the Bodum Columbia Stainless Steel French from Amazon for about $50.

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