A List Of Canadian Clothing Companies

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Here is a list of Canadian Clothing companies.

Note: Not all the clothing these companies produce is made in Canada.

  • Canada Goose (Toronto and Winnipeg): a classic “Arctic luxury” manufacturer originally founded in 1957
  • Roots (Toronto): Makes clothing designed and produced in Toronto
  • Naked and Famous (Montreal): Makes jeans with denim fabrics from Japan’s prestigious mills and ethically made in Canada — also offers organic cotton clothing
  • Kotn (Canada): clothing made with fairtrade Egyptian cotton
  • Quartz Co (Canada): sustainable materials, ethical supply chain
  • United Dry Stock Goods (Toronto): Founded in 2012, this company adds modern touches to classic garments — their clothing is made in Canada (except for knitwear and footwear)
  • Arc’teryx (Vancouver): an outdoor clothing and equipment company founded in 1989 in North Vancouver
  • The Hudson’s Bay Company (Toronto) This is the oldest incorporated merchandising company and at one time, it was the largest landowner in the world
  • Herschel Supply Co (Vancouver): Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, this company stands as one of Canada’s most popular accessory brands
  • Kit and Ace (Vancouver): the company produces “machine-washable technical cashmere” clothing and accessories
  • Mountain Equipment Co-Op (Vancouver): Canada’s largest supplier of outdoor equipment, MEC has expanded to 16 stores across Canada
  • Ballin (St-Cesaire): Men’s pants made in St-Cesaire, QC (possibly also NY)
  • Sorel (London, Ontario): A footwear brand that was founded in 1962 by Kaufman Rubber Company in Kitchener, Ontario
  • Aritzia: Women’s boutique clothing
  • Matt & Nat: Ethical and eco-friendly goods
  • Outclass
  • PolarPiece
  • Olive and Splash
  • Sydney’s

More clothing manufacturers in Canada:

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  2. You guys have forgotten House Of Blanks (www.houseofblanks.com)

    That is the factory brand belonging to Roopa Knitting Mills, the only mill in Canada that actually makes the fabric and clothing for their own brand and many of the brands on your list and for a lot of major brands like Supreme, Noah, Aime Leon Dore and others.

  3. Canadian clothing companies are the dominant players in the global apparel and accessories industry. They have a huge market share across the globe and are an important part of Canada’s economy.

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