The Warmest Wool Hoodies

Listed below are the warmest hoodies I’ve found:

Some testing notes:

  • Cashmere hoodies are warm, lightweight and soft — but they must be washed with care
  • Merino wool hoodies made with 420 g/m2 merino feature the thickest wool layers are the warmest overall
  • The yak and merino wool hoodies are activewear and can be washed in a normal wash cycle

The Warmest Hoodies (Men’s)

The Warmest Hoodies (Women’s)

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    More than 2,000 people have given the Dickies thermal hoodie reviews, giving it an almost flawless 4.7 star average. It is largely composed of cotton and features a cozy, thermal fleece lining on the inside, which according to one reviewer, makes it “the warmest and most comfortable jacket” they have ever owned.

  2. Why can’t you find a hoodie just to put over your head without jacket, l already have jacket, l am looking for the warmest hoodie, to match my jacket, or come close to it

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