A Masterlist Of Sustainable Clothing Stores + Current Sales

Here is a list of sustainable clothing stores, with links to current sales:

Sustainable Stores — Women’s & Men’s Clothing

Sustainable Stores — Men’s Clothing

Sustainable Stores — Women’s Clothing

  • Anne Mulaire — Eco-conscious slow fashion made in Canada.
  • Fyoocher — Structured tops and garments made to order using upcycled and deadstock materials.
  • Shelter Clothing — Clothes to live, work and play in, sustainably made in Canada.
  • Vestige Story — Small-batch Canadian-made slow designs for storytellers.
  • Korinne Vader — A small line of women’s clothing made with natural fibers based in Victoria, BC.
  • Zoba Martin — Toronto designer for bridal and special events.
  • Sownsmith — Effortless essentials made in Canada.
  • Anne Mulaire — Eco-conscious slow fashion made in Canada.
  • Fyoocher — Structured tops and garments made to order using upcycled and deadstock materials.
  • Shelter Clothing — Clothes to live, work and play in, sustainably made in Canada.
  • PureMagnolia — Sustainable bridal dresses hand-made in Canada.
  • Frere du Nord — Sustainable Luxury Leisurewear made in their own factory in Oshawa.
  • Noize— Montreal vegan, an eco-friendly outerwear clothing line with retail stores in Canada and the US.
  • ecologyst — Sustainable, comfortable basics
  • Blue Sky Clothing Co. — Fair trade clothing
  • Tamga Designs — Colourful sustainable clothes and accessories made ethically abroad. Based in Aurora, Ontario.
  • Amanda Moss — Minimalist contemporary clothes made in small, ethically managed workshops in Montreal.
  • Soft Focus — Chic, comfy loungewear made from natural and plant-based fabrics.
  • Meg — Locally made women-run independent clothing line with stores in Toronto and New York.
  • Ursa Minor — High-quality minimalist clothing with natural fibers, made in Montreal.
  • Miik — Sustainable and comfortable clothing that transitions well from work to weekend
  • Preloved — Comfortable clothes made in Canada with upcycled and deadstock materials.
  • Uniform Handmade — Sustainable slow fashion pieces hand-made by the designer in Fraser Valley, BC, with natural fibers such as linen and silk
  • alder — Ecofriendly hiking and outdoor apparel for women
  • LEZÉ the Label — Vancouver-based brand for comfortable, sustainable clothing made ethically abroad.
  • Uncle Studios — Toronto brand making timeless foundation pieces.
  • FIG — Eco-friendly garments designed in Montreal for the everyday traveler.
  • Pure Balanxed — Soft basics with positive affirmation tags. The clothes are designed, cut, sewn, and printed in North America.
  • MettaMade — Eco-friendly slow fashion by a mother-daughter team.
  • Cedar and Vine — Quality linen slow fashion made in Canada.
  • Bellantoni — Sustainable clothing handmade in Vancouver, either by the designer, local seamstresses, or a local manufacturer
  • Message Factory — Comfy, eco-friendly fashion made in Canada
  • We Are Stories — Made-to-order clothing with natural dyes in Nelson, BC
  • Lights of All— Small-batch clothes made by the designer in Toronto
  • MeMi Collective — Timeless essentials designed and ethically manufactured in Canada
  • Bare Knitwear — Thoughtful knitwear based on the West Coast, ethically made in Peru
  • Oge Ajibe — Sustainable clothing made in Vancouver
  • Gaia & Dubos — Clothes and accessories handcrafted in Quebec with eco-friendly materials
  • Power of My People — Made in Canada clothing brand based in New Westminster, BC, focusing on button-up shirts
  • Couture Therapy — Sleek, versatile, sustainable clothing made in Vancouver
  • Prairie Sweater Co. — Sustainable clothing for mothers, sewn by the designer
  • Sarah Sue Design — Minimalist, sustainable fashion ethically made in Canada.
  • Ureshii Designs — Made-to-measure clothing for people of all shapes and sizes, sewn by designers in PEI
  • Modern Sunday — linen wardrobe essentials
  • Bees & Bones — Comfy, breezy and sustainable clothes made to order in Victoria, BC
  • Chloë Angus — Collaborative fashion with First Nations Artists and creators, made in Vancouver
  • BEATON — Linen clothing designed and sewn in B.C.
  • Andree Jaipur — Canada clothing line of artisan clothing handmade in India
  • Hernest Project — Comfortable sleep and loungewear basics made with eco-friendly fabrics

9 thoughts on “A Masterlist Of Sustainable Clothing Stores + Current Sales”

  1. I clicked on the first link, mango.com, and went to the first women’s item I could find. Velvet pants. Velvet always used to be made from cotton but this item was “Composition: 93% polyester, 7% elastane”, so read 100% oil byproduct. Just about every clothing company out there is greenwashing. It’s a shame that your list didn’t stick to the truly ethical companies like Patagonia.

  2. Greetings,
    We would love to be listed/mentioned as good for the planet company that is Made in the USA.
    Antero Outdoors is an all natural clothing company and ALL of our products are made in the USA.
    Please visit http://www.anterooutdoors.com
    We are based in Salida Colorado and we sell online. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
    Barb and John Mannion
    Antero Outdoors

  3. I would like to support non synthetic clothing. However, I cannot find work pants online and it seems to me that the products are mostly sweaters, hoodies etc. Is there a product (non synthetic) that is similar to the material in blue jeans? I am needing new work pants and if there are pants that use less synthetic fibres than the usual, and have the durability approaching blue jean material, I would be appreciative of receiving that information. Thank you. Wayne Russell

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