The Softest Wool Shirt In The World: 15.5 Micron Shirt by Icebreaker and Goldwin

icebreaker ultra fine merino shirt

Icebreaker collaborated with Goldwin to create this exceptionally soft 15.5-micron (μ) merino shirt that regulates body temperature in all weather conditions and resists odors.

The wool of this shirt is graded ultrafine and it has a noticeably luxurious hand. You can certainly tell this shirt is softer than a 16.5-micron or 17.5-micron merino shirt.

Here’s a guide to fineness grading for wool:

  • Fine grade (18.6μ – 20μ)
  • Superfine grade (15.6μ – 18.5μ)
  • Ultrafine grade (15.5μ and below)

Link: Icebreaker

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