The Softest Men’s Wool Shirts Of 2020

In terms of fineness, any wool fiber that has a diameter of 20µ (microns) or less will feel very soft to the touch.

Below 17.5µ the wool starts to feel buttery soft against the skin.

Here’s a guide to fineness grading:

  • Fine grade (18.6 – 20μ)
  • Superfine grade (15.6 – 18.5μ)
  • Ultrafine grade (15.5μ and below)

These are the finest wool T-shirts I’ve found:

Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirts — Ultrafine and Superfine

Finely knitted 15.5 micron wool
A merino T-Shirt from Outlier — this is softest available at 15.5 microns

Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirts – Superfine and Ultrafine Merino


g/m2 — grams per square inch (the weight of wool in the garment)

wool percentage — the actual amount of ultrawarm fiber in the garment — I don’t feature anything here with less than 50% ultrawarm wool

micron — the symbol “μ”– one million of a meter — the diameter size of the hair in the wool — also known as “fineness”

See also these sweaters made with 12 μ wool from Lono Piana.

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