The Best Cordless Vacuum

The best cordless vacuum is the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum. This vacuum sucks up dirt as efficiently as a corded vacuum. It has a good battery life (about 30 minutes). It requires no vacuum bags, and it’s easy to clean.

The Details

A cordless vacuum is a useful and convenient device — if it is designed correctly. In the past I’ve had experience with small cordless vacuums that I used to clean my car. However, these cheap devices all seemed to suck — because they didn’t suck.

I read some reviews on the latest cordless vacuum offerings, and several reviewer recommended the cord-free Dyson vacuums. I went ahead and bought a Dyson V6 Motor Head for testing purposes. I used this vacuum in my home for about nine months.

I really wanted to like the Dyson Motor Head there were several problems with it:

  • It was really difficult to remove the dust canister from the vacuum, and even more difficult to put it back on
  • The vacuum was too noisy– I ended up wearing some protective ear muffs while vacuuming
  • The vacuum would often turn off, due to dust getting jammed in the intake valve
  • The vacuum’s battery life was adequate, but could have been better

Basically, I started looking for a new cordless vacuum, because I was done with this offering from Dyson. However, I couldn’t find any good substitutes. Then I noticed that Dyson had released a newer version of their vacuum — the Dyson V8 Absolute. This vacuum seem to address all the problems I had encountered with Dyson Motorhead:

  • They fixed the emptying mechanism — the Dyson Absolute only requires a single press of a button to open the vacuum canister and empty the dust inside
  • The vacuum makes much less noise, even on “turbo mode” — there’s no need for protective head gear now!
  • The vacuum doesn’t turn off randomly due to dust clogging — it only seems to turn off when it’s actually full of dust
  • The battery life is much improved — I can easily vacuum all the floors in my house without needing a recharge

With all these improvements, Dyson has now created a cordless vacuum worthy or their brand.

I’ve come to enjoy vacuuming now — having a cordless device really does make this chore easier. I’m also more inclined to grab the vacuum more often since it’s so convenient. I just wish Dyson had got it right the first time!

You can buy the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum on Amazon for about $550.

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