The Top Rated Electric Kettles

Below is our list of the top rated electric kettles, based on the reviews found in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Amazon and Chow.Com.

Reviewers like stainless steel electric kettles, because plastic kettles can contain bisphenol A (BPA) and the plastic tends to crack over a number of years. Plus, according to, plastic pots can imbue your favorite brew with a plasticky taste and aroma. The best electric kettles boil water quickly, last a long time, require little maintenance, and incorporate safety and efficiency features.

Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle

The Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle is a well-designed matte stainless-steel kettle is a great choice for tea connoisseurs, as it allows you to choose from a variety of water temperatures. With a two-quart capacity it’s not only the biggest kettle made by the manufacturer, but one of the largest kettles on the market by about a cup. The only potential drawback of this kettle is that can be somewhat complicated to use.

It received an score of A- from Good Housekeeping — reviewers there gave the glass version of this kettle an A+ rating. However, we found many complaints on Amazon, stating that they lid of the glass kettle broke. This stainless steel version of the kettle received an average of 4 out of 5 stars, from 227 Amazon buyers.

The Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle is available from Amazon for about $40.

The Krups BW500 Electric Kettle

KRUPS has a long-standing reputation of quality and this 1.8 quart cordless electric kettle is one of the most durable on the market. Made of stainless steel, the 3-pound weight may be off-putting to some, but this adds to the sturdiness of the kettle. The 1500 watts heats water quickly and efficiently. There is an automatic shut-off once the water reaches the boiling point.

Most electric kettles have a 1 year limited warranty, but KRUPS offers a 2 year limited warranty. The KRUPS BW500 received an average 4.4 star rating from 14 Amazon customers. It sells for about $60 on Amazon.

Capresso H2O Plus Electric Kettle

Capresso H20 Plus Electric Kettle

The Capresso H2O Plus wins big on style points because it’s sleekly designed out of glass–which lets owners watch water boil, if so moved. Of course, the glass exterior is also prone to breakage.

The Capresso boils water under 5 minutes, shuts off automatically, and has a concealed heating element. As a bonus, the cord retracts into the electric kettle’s base. This kettle also has a slightly smaller six-cup capacity, though whether that’s an upside or downside depends on how many people live in your household and how often you entertain guests.

This kettle received a top rating from Cook’s Illustrated.

The Capresso costs around $49 at Amazon.

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