The Brightest E12 LED Bulbs

The brightest E12 LED light is the Hullovota E12 Bulb. It shines with 1500 lumens and uses only 15 watts. It is 3.78 inches in length and is recommend for larger candelabra and chandelier lights. It costs about $25 for a pack of four.

The brightest E12 led bulb for ceiling fan lights and other small fixtures is this Led Bulb Candelabra Light Bulb. It shines with 850 lumens and uses only 8 watts. This is a smaller sized bulb (2.14 inches long). It costs about $19 for a pack of four.

LED bulbs are now available in the smaller E12 size. This size bulb is usually found in ceiling fans and chandelier fixtures.

These LED bulbs are more energy efficient produce better light quality than an incandescent bulb.

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