8000Kicks: Sneakers Made Of Hemp and Algae Bloom

8000Kicks are remarkable sneakers. The exterior and insoles of the sneakers are 100% hemp. The outsoles of the sneakers are made with a superlight algae bloom.

They are splash-proof and machine washable.

The algae bloom soles can flex and bounce back to their original shape for years.

These shoes were crowdfunded and are now available for $129 directly from 8000Kicks.

5 thoughts on “8000Kicks: Sneakers Made Of Hemp and Algae Bloom”

  1. The 8000Kicks are amazing running shoes. I like their appearance, in such a product you can see the quality of materials and tailoring. I bought similar sneakers on annie cloth and were a little cheaper. I have been wearing them for the second year and I think that soon I will have to buy new ones, but now I can not decide where to get these sneakers because they are no worse. You can contact them at annie cloth customer service.

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