The Best Bison Wool Clothing

Bison down is a very warm, insulating fiber. It is also very durable for such a soft fiber. It has a moisture regain of about 30%, compared to 18% for sheep’s wool — this means that even when saturated, the fiber draws moisture away from one’s skin.

There is only a limited amount of fiber available – estimated at 10,000 pounds per year versus 2,100,000,000 pounds of sheep wool.

Bison wool is harvested in Colorado and South Dakota, as a by-product of the bison meat industry.

Most bison wool clothing is rustic in styling. The Fox River products tend to be the softest.

Bison Wool Summary

A short and quite fine fiber that offers unusual durability for its level of softness.

Bison Wool Socks

  • 90% Bison Wool Boot Socks by Buffalo Wool Company — highest percentage of bison wool in a boot sock — $54
  • 50% Bison and 50% Merino Crew Socks by Buffalo Wool Company — a very warm sock and with a good tight weave — $42
  • 45% Bison Down Socks by Fox River — 45% Bison, 20% Silk, 20% Cashmere, 15% Tencel — one of my favorite socks — ultralight and very warm — will start to wear after a year or two — $43

Bison Wool Scarves

Bison Wool Gloves

  • 90% Bison Down Gloves by Buffalo Wool Co. — 90% Bison Down, 10% Nylon — the bison wool makes this glove particularly warm  — $98

Bison Wool Beanies

Bison Wool Sweaters

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