The Best Camel Wool Clothing

Camel wool is a very soft, insulating fiber. It ranges in size from 15 to 22 microns — putting it in the superfine or ultrafine categories. Camels produce longer fibers than sheep, which results in a more durable finished product.

Harvesting camel hair is done by hand, and the best quality is said to come from the nomadic people of Mongolia and China’s Inner Mongolia.

Brushing camel wool for harvest

The hair readily falls off the camel and was typically harvested by people who follow camels during molting season and collect the fallen hair along the trails.

Here are the best camel hair clothing I’ve found:

Men’s Camel Wool Sweaters

Camel Wool Beanies

Camel Wool Socks

Camel Wool Gloves

Camel Wool Scarves

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