Buy It For Life: Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim began selling polarized sunglasses on beaches of Maui in the 1980s. Now headquartered in Illinois, Maui Jim is one of a handful of companies that still manufacture their glasses in the U.S.


Update: It seems that the price for repairs has increased to $40 now.

Maui Jim Sunglasses are available on Amazon.

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  1. If you buy MJ sunglasses, get them at Costco. The price of the Costco MJ sunglasses are way way cheaper than other stores. Costco stores vary with the models carried. I here the Costco stores in Hawaii carry the most models for the cheapest price. Save your money and use Costco.

  2. They use to have a life time guarantee back in the 80s and 90s. They are horrid now with only a 30 day guarantee. Really? The price of making glasses has come down a ton and plastic frames are now pennies to make, yet they want 65 bucks plus postage to replace them now. These guys are a total joke. I am keeping my lenses and waiting for somebody to post 3D printer files for my model so I can make my own frames for pennies. Maui Jim can sit and spin. I will NEVER pay for replacement frames, especially on Maui Jim Sunglasses that camewith a life time guarantee back in the early 90s.

    1. UK Customer – I sent mine off for repair, as I broke the arm. They were about 8 years old and the replaced them FREE with brand new identical pair…….that’s what I call service and they have won a Customer for life. Hats off to you Maui Jim!

  3. I just bought a pair of MJ sports 422-26 I’ve had them 3 weeks and the bridge across the nose broke. I don’ t think I should be paying anything for service or warranty. Should I bring them to where I bought them or go through them the MJ repair process?

    1. Hi Dave, My sympathy, I returned my Maui Jim sunglasses on January 22nd 2018 with a broken bridge ell within the 2 year warranty and I am still waiting for a repair. The supplier says that they will be ready next week…… every time I ring.

      7 weeks and no repair and no sunglasses………. the warranty looks worthless…. shame good sunglasses very bad service particularly at the price

    2. Here’s my experience – my glasses were about 3 years old with a life time warranty, the metal was supposedly titanium, and the nose bridge snapped in half. Abused you might ask? No way – no scratches or drops and if they weren’t on my face, they were in the case. Should be because with tax they were $313.00. I had treated them like a baby. Sent them back to Maui Jim and they repaired it for the $15 to ship them. Repair lasted about 9 months and then they broke in the same place. Sent them back and guess what? Only one repair per “Lifetime”. Wanted over $120 to fix them plus shipping. Ruined me. I only buy tinted safety glasses now.

  4. I just sent a pair of Maui Jims for frame repair. The repair form said it would be $60 but then end up charging me only $10. It took about two weeks to be sent back.

  5. Three day turn around? I don’t think so. I was told ups was faster and paid the suggested 20.00. The store where I purchase them had a box only. Maui Jim head office called a week later and said that it would cost more than the glasses were worth to repair them. Over 80.00 plus the 20.00 shipping so over $100.00. So much for the warranty

  6. I took my Maui Jim glasses in several months after purchase with a cracked lens. They gave me a box and said it would be a twenty dollar fee for mailing to their head office . I paid that and a week later the head office called and said it would be an additional eighty four dollars. He advised that it is usually better to just purchase new glasses. I am so disappointed in their warrantee. The store where I purchased them was very misleading.

  7. It seems your Maui Jim blog is somewhat misleading. I have a pair of Maui Jim’s which need repair and yes…there is a $10 “processing” fee but the actual repair to replace the just over 2 year old cracked frame is another $40. Your comments seem to imply the total repair would only be $10 …but its really going to be $50 in spite of your claim “If a breakage or other defect occurs, Maui Jim will repair or replace the sunglasses for $10 (including shipping”.

    1. I don’t claim anything in the article — I’m relating my experience. I had my sunglasses repaired about five times over the years, and I was charged $10 each time. Perhaps their policy changed, or perhaps you rubbed them the wrong way (that’s highly possible).

      1. I’ve had the same experience. I have had two different glass repairs 4 times total and each was just $10, now using the new process I see its $40 + $10 processing fee for glasses that are fairly fragile.

        And agreed, the above comment is very angry at the blog poster, which is clearly not “Maui Jim’s blog” and dated over 5 years ago.

  8. I have a pair of these mj sport about 200 bucks squished them a bit somehow Im guessing, two cracks on each holding screw hoping I send them in for repair they could replace lenses as the frames are still good, cross my fingers for the best…

  9. I have a Maui jim for over then years now a MJ 407 02.. its a very good Sunny but now my nosepad fell of.. and im thinking now to chanche all the silicone parts on this sunny.. so i came to this site and.. .. i dont know where the products are, i only can place a comment. So i hope i get contacted .

    Dave, Belgium.

  10. Eye Design Optometry sent my prescription sunglasses back for repair. One of the arms broke. I’ve been waiting 4 weeks and maui Jim is giving me the run arou d. Poor customer service. People can’t be 4 weeks without their prescription sunglasses.

  11. Maui Jims are by far the best sunglasses in the world! The company goes above and beyond to assure the best od customer service!
    I live on Maui however have no affiliation with the company whatsoever. I know and have experienced first hand, their remarkable product and amazing customer service! They go above and beyond what other companies do for their customers

  12. My Maui Jims were a Christmas present. Recently they were sat on and the frame broke right in the middle, between the lenses. Will MJ repair or replace the frame using the original lenses?

  13. I’m finding it entertaining how many people think that you can/will fix their sunglasses for them and that you represent the company. Does it get better than this??

  14. Sir i purchased my maui jim sunglass f rom the sunglass hut in new zealand an ihave had it for over 5years but now i see that the lenses seem to blurred as if they are scratched on the inside of the eye look for both eyes ,can these lenses be replaced and how b much wi)it cost ,please advice ( ce us pat# 4,838,673) marking on the left frame and the right side it reads MAUI reg MJ 142-02 MADE IN JAPAN, REGARDS,BEN GOKUL

  15. I’ve had my glasses for a few years and cracked a lens. Would like to have it repaired. I purchased it at local sun glass hut. They gave me a box to return them to Hawaii . How do I go about this?

  16. Indeed my glasses fixed they cracked at corner where the lens is connected to earpiece. Send me address and I will enclose check for ten $ Thank you. Sheldon pike. 720 427 2720

  17. Hmm, I have been shopping for sunglasses the last two weeks visiting various online sites and about seven local shops that specifically carry Maui Jim. There must have been a warranty change as EVERY store clerk told me- Sunglass Hut, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc., that they have a lifetime warranty and have excellent service. Even the “Buy if for Life” poster heading this site is evidence that at one point there must have been such a warranty but apparently changed not too long ago?

  18. Lifetime warranty ? I’m so upset at the poor service. After paying $200 for a pair of Mauwi Jim sun glasses I was inform that I will have to pay $12 for shipping & $80 to repair the lenses Are you kidding me ? I’m at $292. After explaining to them that both the lenses broke on the same spot were the screw holds in the lenses. Weaking the lenses. And by the way there not responsible if it gets lost or damaged. I’ll never buy another pair of Mauwi Jim and I’ll make sure that my 26 family member don’t buy them.
    unless Somone can help me with this issue.

    1. Sounds like the Maui Jims are not for you.

      I never stated that Maui Jim have a lifetime warranty — no sunglass company does as far I as I know. Instead, they are great at repairing sunglasses. I’ve had my glasses repaired about seven times over the course of four years. In most cases I paid $12 total for the repairs, and once I paid $80 for a lens repair.

  19. Hello, I have a pair of MJ 407-10 sunglasses. The nose pads have worn and fallen off. Please send me a new set of nose pads . My address is 813 SW 347th Court, Federal Way, WA., 98023

  20. I live in Europe, and purchased a pair of Mauwi Jim sunglasses in an airport in the US a couple of years ago. I love them.
    However, I recently got them out of my handbag and found them broken on the bridge. How do I have them replaced/repaired without having to mail them to the US with the costs and risks of loss involved? If someown has any idea, I’d highly appreciate the input.

  21. In case this get buried in a reply to the lifetime warranty, just got my MJ351s back ($300+ Flexon glasses when I bought them) from Maui Jim with a note that says these sunglasses are discontinued. We have exhausted our repair parts and offer 50% off. Not quite the sunglasses for life anymore. A previous pair of Maui Jim’s were replaced no questions asked and I was very impressed with them. Now, not so much. When I called they held firm to the 50% off, though the Thousand Peaks look very similar to my pair. Very disappointed.

  22. Purchased Maui Jim sunglasses banyan 7717557 3 years ago was assured lens replacement could be done. Lense broke now unable to find replacement lenses anywhere Sunglasses Hut no help.
    Can find Oakley replacements anywhere and Sunglasses Hut will even acquire Oakley replacements at no charge.
    Please advise how I can contact Maui Jim.

  23. I have a pair of Maui Jim sun glasses that I love but now one of the arms is rather bent and loose and I need new frames. I purchased them many years ago. Can I get new frames for them if I send them to a Maui Jim location?

    thanks, Mike Herron

  24. I purchased a pair of Maui Jims about 2-3 years ago & I love them. I was horrified when our dog got a hold of them & chewed about 1/2 an inch off each arm. Took them to the optometrist where I purchased them to see about getting the arms replaced, fully prepared to pay to big $$$ to have them fixed, only to find that after a phone call to Maui Jim they were covered under the lifetime ‘lifestyle’ warranty. They were repaired same day as they had another pair in stock & took the arms off those. I only had to pay $10 to cover postage costs to replace the parts they used.
    Could not be happier with both the glasses & the warranty service 🙂

  25. I have a pair of Maui Jims that I got in 2008 and has a cracked lense. I don’t see this lifetime warranty on their website. How do you get the lifetime warranty?

    1. You can send in and they will repair it $10-$50. The warranty says on two years but they tend to be liberal. From their website:

      Fast Repairs because Life Happens! Whether you need a quick fix or a major overhaul, Maui Jim offers unequaled repair service with fast 3 day turnaround (not including shipping time) for most repairs.

      Iron Clad Warranty – Our sunglasses are warranted to the original purchaser for two years from the date of purchase against any defect in materials and workmanship. We’ll repair or replace at our option, any pair of Maui Jims found to be defective-exclusive of damage caused by improper or unreasonable use.

      Not a warranty repair? No problem. We offer great repair options just let us know what you need.

      *** Please be advised that all Maui Jim Sunglasses (Prescription & Plano) must be sold with authentic Maui Jim lenses, frames and parts and not modified in any manner. Any alterations of lenses, frame parts or nose pads voids all warranties.

      ** If you need nose pads only, call or email us your sunglass style number. Most nosepad replacements can be mailed to you. Some styles require us to replace the nosepads.

      All US sunglass repairs require a non-refundable processing fee.

      1. Just got my MJ351s back from Maui Jim with a note that says these sunglasses are discontinued. We have exhausted out repair parts and offer 50% off. Not quite the sunglasses for life anymore. The last pair of Maui Jim’s I had before these were replaced no questions asked and I was very impressed with them. Now, not so much. When I called they held firm to the 50% off though the Thousand Peaks look very similar to my pair. Very disappointed.

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