The Most Durable Jeans: 25 Oz Super Heavyweight Denim

Iron Heart, a Japanese company, makes the thickest and most durable jeans available. They use 25 oz Japanese selvage denim to make “super heavyweight jeans“. As a comparison, most jeans are typically made with 12 oz denim.

Iron Heart says:

These jeans are on the limit of what can be made. We had to insist that the people sewing them wore protective glasses as the sewing machine needles would randomly explode.

These jeans are so thick that they will stand up by themselves!

Note that these ultra-heavyweight jeans are priced at $400 per pair.

More Affordable Options

Here are some less expensive heavyweight jeans:

  • Unbranded ($120 per pair of 21 oz raw denim jeans — the best value I’ve found)
  • Nudie Jeans (which specializes in green manufacturing)
  • Samurai Jeans (another Japanese company specializing in heavyweight denim)

I bought a pair of 21 oz Unbranded jeans for testing are they certainly feel thick and durable.


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