The Best Men’s Hemp Sneakers

Hemp is an ideal material for shoe making. It is one the most durable plant fibers. Hemp is also anti-microbial, temperature regulating and breathable.

Compared to cotton, hemp also requires much less water and fertilization.

Here is a list of three sneakers made with hemp :

8000Kicks Hemp Sneakers

8000Kicks shoes are made with hemp, cork and recycled rubber (latex).

The shoes are also waterproof and machine washable!

These shoes were crowdfunded and are now available for $129 directly from 8000Kicks.

Bohempia Krasen Hemp Shoes

Krasen 2.0 shoes from Bohempia

Bohempia is a company in Czech Republic that specializes in making hemp shoes.

The raw hemp for the shoes comes from Romania. All Bohempia footwear is produced locally in central Europe (partly in Czech Republic, partly in Romania).

The Krasen 2.0 shoes are available directly from Bohempia and cost €50.00 ($54 USD)

Etiko Hemp Sneakers

Etiko is an Australian company that offers ethically manufactured hemp footware.

This hemp sneaker is available directly from Etiko in Australia. The cost is $130.

Rackle Hemp Shoes

Rackle Shoes — I just found this new hemp shoe.

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