The Best Wool Sneakers / Runners

Wool is actually an optimal material for shoe making.

Wool shoes are cozy and lightweight — about 50% lighter than a regular sneaker. Wool is also:

  • Odor resistant & naturally breathable
  • Water-resistant due to waxy coating of fiber
  • Moisture wicking and stain resistant
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer

These companies make wool shoes:

  • Allbirds: Shoes made with superfine New Zealand wool and eucalyptus tree fiber, a certified B-Corporation
  • Merinos: Sneaker made with Australia merino wool
  • Geisween: Shoes made with merino wool
  • Pendleton: Sneakers made with wool
  • BaaBuck: Wool sneakers made in Portugul
Allbirda Wool Sneaker

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